Pitching Lessons in Lorain County

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    My name is Zoe and I am a former varsity and tournament ball pitcher. I have pitched for 10+ years and was trained by Leffew Fastpitch for majority of those years. I have given lessons for the past 4 years to girls 10u through high school. I am currently studying at Kent State and give lessons on the weekends I come home and during my breaks. I am getting ready to come home for summer break now and looking forward to being able to give weekly lessons.

    I work on mechanics, speed drills, and spin. I have taught girls how to throw change ups, drop balls, screwballs, and am working on curve and rise. If pitchers already have those pitches, I work to improve the location, spin, and speed of the pitch. I'm very big on making sure pitchers have the right spin and mechanics with movement pitches especially. I have everything I need to teach with me. I give lessons at the Amherst Township Field or at a warehouse in Oberlin, weather and field availability dependent.

    If interested, want a reference, or have any questions, please email me at zbpitching@gmail.com.

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