Pitching Lessons in the Kent, Stow, Ravenna, Streetsboro, and Tallmadge Area

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    I am a former varsity and tournament ball pitcher and have been pitching for 10+ years. At home during the summer, breaks, and on weekends I give pitching lessons to girls in my area and am interested in doing some while at school. I'm currently studying at Kent State.

    I work with girls ranging from 8 yrs old to high school. I am willing to catch for girls 12 and under if needed. I am great on working mechanics, speed drills, and with spin/learning movement pitches. I have taught girls how to throw change ups, drops, screws, and am working on curve and rise with a few of my lessons now. I will do lessons outdoors as long as weather permits and have all the materials I'll need to teach. In the winter we'll have to look for an indoor space, such as a school gym. If you are interested, have any questions/want a reference please email me at zbpitching@gmail.com.


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