Pitching Lessons Lexington, Mansfield, Ashand area

Discussion in 'Softball Pitching Discussions' started by softballmom009, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. softballmom009

    softballmom009 New Member

    Ashland University pitcher, Abbie Sgro, is starting lessons again. Please call or text 419 564-0408 for information and scheduling.
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  2. wendyc5056

    wendyc5056 New Member

    Where are your lessons provided and cost, please?
  3. softballmom009

    softballmom009 New Member

    I sent you a pm.
  4. grabber711

    grabber711 New Member

    can you send me any info, we are looking for a pitching coach in the Ashland area.
  5. softballmom009

    softballmom009 New Member

    Sure, I sent you a pm
  6. nwbackstop

    nwbackstop Member

    Interested in lessons,could you send me info
  7. softballmom009

    softballmom009 New Member

    Sent you both a pm.
  8. nwbackstop

    nwbackstop Member

    Thank you for pm
  9. Martihamman

    Martihamman New Member

    Hi please pm for more information.
  10. MPerkins

    MPerkins New Member

    Can you please send me the contact info? Hoping to start instruction soon!
  11. Schmitzwidows

    Schmitzwidows New Member

    I am a coach of the 12U Black Widows team from Ashland, OH. I am looking for a good pitcher that can keep us with the competition. If there is anyone interested please text me 419-496-2610. A starting pitcher would complete my team for this upcoming season. Thank you for your time.
  12. Bigfish2099

    Bigfish2099 New Member

    Are you still giving lessons during the fall and winter?
  13. travis_lilly3

    travis_lilly3 New Member

    Need contact information please
  14. softballmom009

    softballmom009 New Member

    Sorry, I just saw your post
    Abbie Sgro 419 564-0408
    She is just putting her spring schedule together.

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