ASA Tournament **Play with PASSION** June 14-16 2019 South Central Ohio

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  1. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    7th Annual **Play with Passion**

    1 Hour south South of Columbus,
    1:20 East of Eastgate, Cincinnati
    In Beautiful Bristol Park

    June 14, 15, 16 --2019
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    Games will begin FRIDAY and most teams will play Friday evening.

    Age groups: 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U 18U too!
    Entry Fee: $395 For EARLY registration
    $495 If not Pd in Full by April 15

    Bristol Park, Waverly Ohio
    800 Armbruster Parkway, Waverly OH 45690

    For information and the Entry Form:
    (You can use 2018 form if 2019 not posted yet)


    2019 Team List:

    10U: CLOSED
    1. Ohio Passion 08- PD in FULL
    2. Buckeye Elite 08 PD in FULL
    3. MOV Pride 08- OH PD in FULL
    4. Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 10u- Pd in FULL
    5. Stingrays 09 reg online PD in Full
    6. Buckeye Elite 09 dep
    7. Cannons- PD in FULL
    8. Blue Crush- PD in Full
    WAIT LIST: Yellow Jackets

    12U: CLOSED
    1.Ohio Passion 07 -PD in Full
    2. Buckeye Elite 07- PD in Full
    3. Ohio Swat 07- PD in FULL
    4. Jabc Riot 07- PD in FULL
    5. Midwest Marlins 12u PD in FULL
    6. Lewis Center Sharks 07- PD in FULL
    Wait List: Ohio Generals 12u
    Perry County Phury 12u

    14U: CLOSED
    1. Ohio Passion 04 -PD in Full
    2. Ohio Passion 05 PD in Full
    3. Central Ohio Sting 14U PD in Full
    4. Aftershock 14u PD in Full
    5. Central Ohio Tigers 14u Pd DEP
    6. Midwest Marlins 05 PD in FULL
    7. LC Sharks 05 PD in Full
    8. Starz 05 PD in Full
    9. Ohio Outlaws 14u
    10. WV Lady'eers 14u

    16U: CLOSED
    1. Yellow Jackets 16U
    2. 16U Barracudas PD in FULL
    3. Buckeye Breeze 16U
    4. WV Lady Mustangs PD in FULL
    5. Central Ohio Dynamites
    6. Ohio Sting 16U Red - PD in FULL
    7. Crush 02 - PD in FULL
    8. Viking Elite 03 PD in Full
    9. SWAT 02 - PD in Full
    10. Black Sox 16u -pd Deposit

    18u: CANCELLED
    1. GC Vipers 18u
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  2. ScottGaskin

    ScottGaskin Member

    please add Central Ohio Sting 14u and Central Ohio Sting 16u. Thank you
  3. Please add Lightning Elite 16u. Thank you
  4. Please add Buckeye Elite 08
  5. Please add Central Ohio Pride 03-Elliott. Thank you
  6. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Added Central Ohio Sting teams, Lightning Elite Teams, Buckeye Elite and Central Ohio Pride. Great to get in Early! Thanks guys!
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  7. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Welcome Bulldawgs Elite!
  8. Matt Colliton

    Matt Colliton Member

    Please add Aftershock 14u Thanks
  9. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Aftershock 14u, Welcome to the tournament!
  10. Ohio SWAT Mcclain

    Ohio SWAT Mcclain New Member

    Please add Ohio Swat 02
  11. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Shaping up to be a great choice for 11u teams! Need a few 07 teams!
  12. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    07 teams still have a spot here!
    and--- I sent an email out to all of you today! Please respond :)
  13. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    I will begin bumping teams out if their spots if no payment has been made.
    I sent an email to all registered teams. If you haven't replied or sent in payment, i will give your spot to waiting list teams.
  14. umpirejj

    umpirejj Member

    Per our text, please add Buckeye Breeze 16U to the open spot.
    Thanks Kym!
  15. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    One Spot in 10u and One Spot in 16u still open!
  16. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    All payments need to be in ASAP!
  17. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    T Shirt Pre Order went out by email a few days ago-
    Expect the schedule by email soon!

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