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    Im sensing a little desperation in Akron staff after last years disastrous season.Theve been bringing in players before the season even ended last year.This could be one and done for them if they don't turn it around quickly.Talked to people around the university that it could have been earlier but a lot of attention was on Presidents leaving .I've also talked to many that seriously were interested in Akron to play and after telling them they went elseware they said they were really interested .But never approached the player w any real interest prior.Then there's the camps All ways enjoyed the format but it allways seemed like a money grab after making it personal that thed like to see her there,but ignoring her while there or sticking her with players far less talented .Hope this gets cleared up for the players behalf enough to think about going into college allready.
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    Can you say "Buy Out"
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    You know what they say when one assumes. Don't anyone guess what is going on if you don't know.
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    I don’t understand why someone would still sign a LOI if they had so many reservations - and why they would just accept a lame excuse like “we were busy” for being treated badly on their only visit. If the drinking, smoking and hazing is as widespread as is being alleged wouldn’t this have come out if questions were asked about the team culture before signing the LOI? I don’t understand why all of this bad information was so hard to find out over the years leading up to the signing (since the USA Today article says that the player already had a friend playing for Akron) but then almost immediately after it was signed the friend opened up about the true team atmosphere? It seems odd. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong but there is a lesson here about making sure you know your future team and college well enough (and fully exploring all other options) before you sign the LOI.
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    SFU had a coaching change getting out of NLI for that reason is quite common.
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    So what? It might be a common reason to allow someone out of an NLI but no more valid than finding out that the "team culture" dealing with morals wasn't going to work for the player and in my opinion, less of a valid reason as going in you know the coach may leave (or be let go) at some point. Just look at the coaching carousel this year alone. (BTW I applaud SFU for releasing the player. That was the right thing to do when a player doesn't want to play for a school). Hopefully wanting to be released from an NLI because of "team culture moral issues" won't be a common reason because the schools/coaches will address these problems (at least one can hope). I don't know what U. of Akron is doing, but it seems to me they decided to "shoot" the messenger.
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    Then DON'T SIGN THE NLI!!!! No one makes you do it. It's her choice and the article reads like she wasn't comfortable on her last trip. Maybe Miami should have come in and recruited her earlier. I have no clue on what the real situation is here but it sounds like she had a change of heart. Akron doesn't benefit by keeping an unhappy player on the roster but all teams have unhappy players.

    Going to the press and being denied 2 times certainly isn't helping this player's case.
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    My's a bad situation all the way around. No disrespect to the young lady or the people involved trying to help her, but in my mind, I am only hearing one side of the story.

    We always talk about softball being more than a game. We talk about not only developing softball skills, but also developing life skills to deal with growing up and adulthood. Absolutely a very difficult life lesson to learn. Sometimes decisions are made before we have all the facts of a situation. I feel for this young lady, but sitting out a year as a consequence of breaking the NLI agreement is not the end of the world. Take the consequence like an adult and move on.

    Although Akron and the coach have made a statement on why they did not release her from her NLI commitment, I think this is the only information we will get from Akron's side. Before I could honestly say that Akron is in the wrong in this situation I would like to have the facts from both sides. Would be interesting to know if the Akron commitment was a partial scholarship or full ride. What about the Miami offer? Same, better, or not as much $$$?

    Again, not bashing the young lady at all, but, something is missing here. Verbally committed to Akron for two plus years, NLI signing in November of 2017, then a joyous announcement in July 2018 that she has committed to Miami, while sill being contractually committed to Akron and not being released from her NLI. Just doesn't make sense to me and that's just my humble opinion.
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    Probably should look at the number of transfers out lately before committing to a school. If there is a lot then there might be something going on. I think the numbers have been fairly high in the last few years.
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    Yes that would be good info to ask about . I know a place that lost 4 # 1 pitchers in 3 years .
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    I know she has to sit a year because Akron won't release her. Can she use this year as her red shirt and not lose any eligibility?
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    Not much foresight from Akron on this. I understand not wanting to let her out of it, but is taking this strong stance worth all the negative news coming out about your program?
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    After reading the article I didn't read anything Akron as doing that would allow her to be released. It sound like a kid that decided to go to another school with a better program and closer to home. But, that is not a reason to be released from her NLI especially since she is going to a school in the same conference. She sound like a good kid and her parents did a good job raising her but does she seriously think they don't drink at Miami?
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    I think you pretty much nailed it. Inner confrence transfers are always nasty.
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    Absolutely right. In all CAPS DON"T SIGN THE NLI. Run as far away from it as possible if you have any doubts. But unfortunately the student athletes feel pressured to sign (even though the coach cannot be present if signing is off campus). And they want to sign! It's a celebration and part of the payoff for all the hard work to get to that next level. And yes she had a change of heart but only after finding out that the "team culture" made her feel uncomfortable / unsafe (team drinking and smoking and who knows what else).

    She / her family only went to the press after being denied the release after presenting documented evidence of the issues involving the softball program. From what I can gather this isn't just a few players but a team culture /hazing and points to the possibility of loss of institutional control if the coach/school administration is aware of the situation and hasn't addressed it or condones it.

    Wouldn't you think the school/coach would have tried to communicate that maybe they were not aware of the situation and would takes steps to stop it and provide a safe environment? Or that that they were aware of the problem and that they were working on it versus silence and hiding behind the LNI?

    Basically it tells the recruit, don't raise legitimate concerns. We don't want to be bothered. Queue the music "Don't rock the boat baby . . .
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    I think the NLI is null and void if the coach leaves the program (SFU). There are certain circumstances in which a player(s) can transfer without being released.
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    Unless the NCAA changed it rule a NLI is with a school not a coach so whether the coach is the same or changed, it doesn't matter.
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    As a high school wrestling coach, I always encourage my athletes to get on the campus prior to making any commitment. They need to get a feel for where they will be living for the next 4+ years as well as getting to know the athletes that they will be competing with.

    Hopefully, things work out well for the young lady.

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