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Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by TheSoftballZone, May 2, 2020.

  1. Rbuxsel

    Rbuxsel Member

    Nky Bandits 2k11 interested

  2. Toypro77

    Toypro77 New Member

    My daughter’s travel team has decided not to play this year. Are any 12u teams (she’s an 07) looking for a player? She’s played short stop the last few years. She’s played travel ball for several years, fall ball, and rec league before that. Would like to try and stay in the Worthington, Dublin, Powell, Lewis Center area. Thanks in advance….
  3. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Hi, my name is Rich Buttolph and I coach the 16U Mavericks out of Northeast Ohio, North Ridgeville area. We are in need of a Utility Player and your daughter sounds like she could be a great fit! Would love to talk to you if you’d like to reach out, (440) 225-3947. Thanks and hope to talk soon!
  4. Iceman2425

    Iceman2425 New Member

    In lieu of Covid 19, my Daughter's softball team had to cancel their season. She is 06 player. Looking to play in the Canton, Akron area, She's very Coachable and a team player, can play anywhere on the field, strong arm. Decent bat. #2 pitcher, play 3rd base and pitcher on team. Please feel free to text me at 330 432 3428 to set something up. Thanks
  5. Justamom

    Justamom Member

    18U team just folded due to players backing out due to COVID19. Any teams looking for players?
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  6. Cougerfan

    Cougerfan New Member

    Thank you for your interest but she has chosen another team to sub for
  7. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Thank you for responding, Best wishes for you and your daughter!
  8. Tlr

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  9. kmwilson102

    kmwilson102 New Member

    Hi Rich - We have chosen a full-time team - thank you!
  10. Tlr

    Tlr New Member

    Hi Rich, is your team 18u? My daughter turns 18 next month.
  11. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Thanks for responding, have a great summer!
  12. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Sorry, we are 16U. Thanks for your interest and best of luck finding a good fit!
  13. Derek White

    Derek White New Member

    My 12u daughter catches and plays 2nd base, can play outfield also. Hits well and has great patience at the plate and draws lots of walks. Looking for sub opportunities on weekends of June 6th, July 4th, 11th, and August 1st. From Grove City, but willing to travel reasonable distance. 2007 birthyear. Contact 614-254-9193
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  14. lilsoftballmom

    lilsoftballmom New Member

    Looking for sub opportunities for 08 player the weekends of 6/20, 6/27, 7/18. She primarily pitches but has the ability to play most infield positions (except catcher). She stays in private pitching/hitting lessons year round (1.5 hours, 2x per week) In addition to honing her craft in her free time. Please text opportunities to 740-508-6588
  15. thestuff142

    thestuff142 Member

    My niece just found out last night that her teams season was cancelled. She is looking to sub in the southwest Ohio area. She is a 16u (04) Catcher and 1st base primarily, but looking for outfield time as well. If anyone needs players for tournaments in cincy, Dayton, nky, or SE Indiana..send me a pm and I will get you set up with contact.
  16. Michael Cornett

    Michael Cornett New Member

    I'm looking for a 16u eligible pitcher
  17. Michael Cornett

    Michael Cornett New Member

    I'm looking to add a pitcher to our 16u team. Do you think she is ready to play in that age group?
  18. Justamom

    Justamom Member

    Sorry our pitchers were 18U.
  19. Michael Cornett

    Michael Cornett New Member

    Ok, thanks for getting back to me.
  20. Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen New Member

    Looking for a central Ohio 12U (08) team to sub or play for as daughters current team will not be playing this season. She is a smaller player but fast. Utility player who mainly plays second and centerfield but has experience at any position other than pitcher and catcher. Good contact hitter who uses her speed.

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