Private lessons with Taryne Mowatt and Jessica Valis

Discussion in 'Softball Pitching Discussions' started by SixshootersMom, Apr 26, 2010.

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    2010 NPF Akron Racer players Taryne Mowatt and Jessica Valis will be available for private lessons in the Akron area.

    For pitching lessons with Taryne Mowatt: half hour lessons are $35.00 and a full hour is $60.00

    For infield work with Jessica Valis: half hour lessons are $30.00and a full hour is $50.00

    To reserve a time and for more information please email me at

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    DD spent a hour with Taryne Mowatt at Firestone stadium on mothers day morning. Mom said "the look on DD's face when she heard who we were there to see was the best mothers day present ever". It was an excellent experience for DD that she will not forget. Thank You to everyone involved that helped to make this possible. Thank You Taryne for working with her! It meant more to her than anyone will ever know.

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