Pulling a pitcher in the middle of the first inning

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  1. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Would there be a reason to pull a pitcher in the middle of the first inning beside a injury?
  2. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Absolutely. If she’s missing spots and walks a few. Walks are crucial. A walk is worse than a hit in my opinion. A hit we at least have a chance of throwing her out. A walk is free and nothing should be free.
  3. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    I have done it. Being tactful when doing it will help take the sting out of it. Whenever possible I would reinstate her back to the circle or have her pitch later the same day. My goal is never to deflate her but to save her. She needs to know this and believe it.

    "It's a team effort and at the moment your teammates may be able to help. Let's give lil Debbie a try and give you a chance to calm down. We'll work on your mechanics between innings or after the game and get you back on track. Ladies, we need you to get focused and step up to get us out of the inning. Keep your heads in the game and let's help your pitchers get thru this till we can swing things back in our favor."

    Leadership with finesse can help take the sting out of a rough beginning.
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  4. Justamom

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    I wish more coaches would. Sometimes the other team likes whatever style that pitcher has and it's not always that the pitcher is necessarily doing something wrong. A pitcher should be able to recognize when it's not their game to pitch.
  5. DanMaz

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    it happens. hit 1st batter..... walks 2nd.... hits 3rd batter..... 4th hits a bomb. 5th hits a line drive shot.... time to go off balance with a different pitcher to change things up. need thick skin to be a pitcher.
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