Questions to Ask a Coach Before Selecting a Team?

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    Great post!!
    So we've been actively looking for sub opportunities and perhaps a team to practice with here and there to do our creeping while there as we are new to travel. Is this an "OK" thing to do or do most teams/coaches keep their group tight enough to not allow outsiders in?
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    We subbed most of last summer. After we filled our weekends up, 4 of those teams invited us to practice with them. All of them were great, let my DD meet all of them, and all of them meet her.

    We have had great experiences subbing and practicing with teams over the last 3 years.
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    Be observant of the body language when getting responses or how they word answers to the great posts that have been shared in this thread. If they are too busy or fidgety to take the time to answer, they're probably going to be that way once you sign up.

    Be cautious of a head coach (who ultimately will be making final decisions) that may have the "We offered you a spot and you should be grateful" attitude. Many will think to open with asking the coach if he has time to answer some questions and if the response is "yes" than they should take the time to answer. Don't let them pass you off to an assistant to answer for them. You'll get the assistant's answers and assurances.

    Many coaches will ask you to wait and ask your questions after selections are made in a group setting which I always preferred. I'd have a potential players family meeting after the last public tryout. I'm fine with them asking out loud in a group simply because it keeps everyone on the same page and it is a time saver. Some parents are more shy and want a private meeting and I've always been okay with that but might ask them to wait till after the group setting. It just makes sense.

    If private tryouts are needed for any outstanding positions not filled, I would encourage that family to come to the next family/club meeting so they could meet everyone and ask questions before committing. It's so difficult to know at 1 meeting if everything is the way you want it. You'll be farther along the learning curve than you've ever been before by following the advice in this thread. Good luck!!!!!!!
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