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  1. Xrayaries

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    Coaches were out in full force on Friday. We had at least 15 probably many more I didn't see. Show up for our 8:15 and 10:15 games. We had several more live stream or asked for videos due to NCAA restrictions. Good luck ladies they are out there watching.

    Make sure you have a profile page in hand and be ready to his introduce yourself. Don't be be shy this is the reason you are here.
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    Great day indeed. I think you meant Friday. Lol. It did seem like a Saturday morning for some reason.

    Full force for sure.

    Good Luck this weekend.
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  3. Xrayaries

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    Right I meant friday
  4. google1

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    We had them at our games Friday & Saturday both.
    We had 8am & 10am games both days!
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  5. Xrayaries

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    I can't remember the team name but they were wearing black with white. Arrived for their game early. They moved under the pavilion where I know 5 coaches were going back and fourth from game to game. A coach came up to me and asked to have my DD email her she was not going to stay for the next game. All 5 coaches left the games they were watching because of this team. Three of them I know we're going to stay and watch them play. Those coaches cost their girls some very valuable exposure.

    Be mindful of the people you are affecting around you. I wish I still had the video of them essentially pushing the coaches out.

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