Release From a National Letter of Intent (NLI)

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  1. Strohbro

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    Does anyone have any experience in dealing with getting a release from an NLI? Good and/or bad experience. Any information from players, parents and coaches would be very much appreciated.
  2. DanMaz

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  3. Strohbro

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    DanMaz - Not really looking for help for me but in general. Finding out that it's not cut and dry and can be very difficult to get out of. Thank you very much for the information though.
  4. BouldersDad

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    First step is to go thru the compliance office at the university the nli is from. Every school can be a bit different and set parameters as to the release. Or inability to receive it.
  5. Bullish1156

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    After what we have gone thru with the NLI process I find it you be a 1 sided joke. It's there to protect the university and only the university. They told me personally that they rarely let anyone out and don't have to give a reason why.
    If you ever think of allowing you DD to play for a MAC Conference team in Northern Ohio I strongly suggest your 1000% sure that's where she wants to go because that coach will not let you out of your NLI.
    The Athletic Dept. "HIDES" behind the NLI process because they know it's to their advantage. Luckily the recruitment rules have change because we committed very early, signed our NLI then learned of things we didn't
    approve of, and asked to be released ,and have been ghosted by the Coach, Athletic Dept. and the Compliance department ever since at that particular university. They tell you they want what's best for your kid though the
    whole recruiting process but that's a LIE !!!!!! They don't give 2 cents about your DD.
    Other schools say " If the player doesn't want to be here , release them and let them go", they care. But certain ones only care about themselves. We teach our kids to make good choices,
    do the right thing, be a good role model for younger kids and when you see things that your morally against and try to get away from them they say nope you stay here or sit out for a year.

    That will teach you a lesson for doing the right thing.
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  6. dannyboy

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    I've heard Akron is awful about this, but they are more east than north.
  7. DanMaz

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    doesn't make sense. What advantage does a University have to hold you from being released? I am sure they would want to replace an athlete, not screw with their heads and not cooperate. am i wrong?
  8. Run26

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    I guess that would depend on the timing. If the university has locked down their new recruits and the recruiting season is over then they are unable to fill your newly vacated spot. This issue falls on both parties.

    Why would you sign a NLI without doing all of your homework? I could see you wanting to back out of a commitment if there was a staff change but not because you found out new details. Sometimes you have to suck it up and learn to adjust.

    Pick the school for the school not the ancillary reasons.
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  9. DanMaz

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    releasing a recruit compared to the headaches and posible bad press by playing hard ball with a kids future? I would "think" they would have no issue with a valid request to be released. but never been thru it so i am just assuming.
  10. Bullish1156

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    The NLI was signed in November I believe and request for release was Mid- May. She verballed in Summer of Freshman year. ( That was our fault ) however everything was checked out and we were happy to attend and looking forward to it.
    My credit card proves that due to all the spirit wear we bought. However when new disturbing information is brought up a new decision had to be made. And no there is no advantage for the university to hold a player they just want to punish the player at this particular university. Clear and simple !!!!!! They think there above any bad press. We've tried to talk to them and they won't. It will all come out soon and it's really a shame because some previous and current players futures can be effected and we NEVER wanted that. We just wanted to go away quietly but they wouldn't let us... That's on them.
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