Runner obstructing play when short stop in baseline

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    2nd base runner takes off for 3rd but short stop backs up into baseline to field the ball. Runner makes contact with short Before ball is caught. Short throws to 1st. Runner clears third and home but field ump says NO RUN because runner interfered w play.

    What should the runner have done differently?
  2. BretMan2

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    On a batted ball, the fielder has the right of way. They must be given the chance to field the ball unimpeded. If a runner interferes with a fielder who is fielding a batted ball, then the ball is dead and the runner is out. Any other baserunners must return to the last base touched at the time of the interference.

    What's a runner to do on these plays? Well...NOT interfere! A runner has the option of slowing down or stopping to avoid the fielder, or may go around the fielder, either in front or behind her, to give the fielder room and opportunity to field the ball.

    Sometimes a runner will accidentally interfere with a fielder, but even then it's still interference and the rule and penalty still apply.
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    Yes this was completelt accidental..wrong plac wrong time 10u girls...thank you!
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    BretMan2 -- does the runner actually have to touch the fielder to be called for interference? or can they try to run in front of the defender trying to block their vision? We had a call made when our runner never touched the SS but did what i just explained. Thanks!
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    Contact is not a requirement for interference.

    And simply running in front of the fielder isn't automatically interference. If a runner seems to time it out so she purposely gets right in front of the fielder just as the ball arrives, then it can be interference. Usually, it's pretty obvious when this is done intentionally. You'll see the runner stop, maybe do a stutter step like she's trying to avoid the ball, then jump right in front of the fielder at the last second. Or, even stop and do that stutter step thing right in front of the fielder!

    If all the runner is doing is running in a straight line to the next base, then she may pass in front of the fielder without penalty. However...if the fielder is charging the ball, then has to stop or check up due to the presence of the runner, then you may have interference.
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