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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Hilliarddad3, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Hilliarddad3

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    My daughters messaged me this morning that their Facebook feed stated that Faith Tessmer former standout pitcher at Lebanon H.S. 09' class passed away yesterday. Have not heard how or why, but just so sad, as she was the MVP player in the Indoor Cup 08' where our one daughter had the privilege to catch her and we had the privilege of getting to know a great kid with an infectious smile and was also very musically talented as well. Our daughters ended up naming her Fedex, as everyone asked them are you three sisters? As they looked like they could have been and our two daughters were like yeah, FedEx dropped her on the porch though.... Prayers to her family in the tough days ahead and fly High "Fedex" Fly High with the Angels.....
  2. Irish196

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    That is sad. Prayers to her family.
  3. TheSoftballZone

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    I was trying to find information on the above post. And haven't found any info on Faith passing. Has anyone seen any news reports or anything?
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    Faith has passed and the trials of life are now in her past. She was a infectious young lady. A smile and that went forever. Then there was softball and music. Both of those she excelled at with a passion. On the mound she was a fierce competitor with no quit. In music she was so gifted at one point in Lebanon. She was identified as a French horn prodigy. It's a shame to lose her so young. But there's always a reason and I'm sure she standing or sitting playing with that orchestra in the heavens.
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    Prayers to the family, so sad. May God grant them peace during this difficult time.
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    Wow, how tragic..... Keeping her family in our thoughts.....
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  8. Doom Leader

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Faith was a great player and person.

    Cincy Doom Fastpitch
  9. BouldersDad

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    Death is always hard on those left behind but doubly so when they are so young and so full of life with so much left to accomplish. From our family to hers thoughts and prayers and hope that her family eventually will find closure and peace.

    Tim Duncan

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