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  1. josie

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    my 06 daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and will wear a brace for next 2-3 years for approx 16 hours a day. She loves softball. Doctor has encouraged her to remain active. Coaches are very supportive. Anyone out there have experience with scoliosis? She is a catcher but can also pitch and can play any position. Just wondering if there are other girls playing. She sure could use someone who plays to encourage her.
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    My daughter was diagonosed also. Im not sure of the extent compared to your but we seen a chiropractor for about 5 months and she never missed a day. He was also able to correct her knee issues that she had been having for 2 years of PT!
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  3. josie

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    Since posting this, I was able to find a basketball girl in our area who is more than willing to mentor my DD. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to PM me. DD's attitude about this is much more positive than mine at the moment! She isn't going to let it stop her. Thank you!
    Thank you, very reassuring to hear.
  4. FastBat

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    Good luck to her (and you)! Sorry, I don't know of anyone who has scoliosis and plays softball, but there are plenty of girls who play with ankle and knee braces. I understand that's not as serious, but still a little different than the "norm". I once coached a little girl, in coach pitch, who had a diabetic pump for her insulin. So, you would think that would be a bit of a distraction playing with that and something much different. I think where there's a will there's a way, keep plugging away, she can do it! Good luck this season!
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    My dd, has scoliosis. She just signed her NLI this fall. I would guess most people wouldn't even know because she never complains and it has never limited her. It has, however, taught her the importance of flexibility. Make sure you and your daughter communicate with her physician and talks about strength and conditioning. I cannot emphasis this enough. Again... Flexibility is key.
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  6. Fairman

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    My son played Little League Baseball as an 8 year old in a full upper body brace recovering from a broken back (after an auto accident) ((With medical permission and some restrictions))

    If she loves it, she'll overcome a mere brace to play, it will speed her recovery and improve her mental outlook as well as yours.

    Good Luck
  7. mogsoftball

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    DD was diagnosed around 9 with a 13 degree curvature which is considered mild. She never had to wear a brace but the doctor said sports would be good for her, so she played multiple.

    After a couple of years she grew some and the curve lessened to less to 10 degrees. She just verbaled to a D2 school this fall. If your DD enjoys it encourage her to keep at it and support her, you never know where it will lead.
  8. daboss

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    Kids, especially girls, are very resilient in many ways. I jokingly say the best way to get them to do something is to tell them they can't. lol. Young ladies are very capable. I'd say half the men out there would never survive childbirth unless they had a bunch of buddies around them cheering them on yet women do it without an audience all the time. They might need a little help but who doesn't in this world. Unfortunately, Scoliosis is more common in women for many reasons and offers them a wide range of problems depending on severity and can be a limiting factor. It does not sideline them. It simply means they need to cope and adapt. Softball offers a wide range of exercise that can be beneficial. With the help of some open-minded coaching players can adapt to overcome any limiting factors and have extremely successful careers. Tell that Kid of yours to reach for the moon and there's a good chance she'll at least land in the stars!!!!!
  9. Black03

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    Josie I’m assistant coach for lasers black 03. I’m 49 years of age. Lol. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 13 yrs old. Doctors wanted to put 2 6” rods alongside my spine. I and parents went against that decision and with daily stretching and a small amount of back exercises I’m still without any type of surgery. The love she has for the game just take a small portion of the same dedication towards her exercises she should be fine. Feel free as a family or player to reach out Take care
  10. Flybyu1

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    One of the best 14u pitchers I've seen was from WV some years back had scoliosis and went d1 in college in later years to pitch
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    Thank you so much! My 06 DD is doing better, softball sisters are very supportive, she still plays catcher but coach uses her as a back up (which is fine..usually 1 game on a pool play day) and is focused on 1st/3rd. Turning into a great corner player, and still hitting great but has to work at it a little harder than others due to wearing the brace and losing some of that core muscle. I'm so proud of her and her attitude about it is much better than mine. I read what you wrote, and she said "who would put rods in a spine...that's crazy! I'll keep my brace" Thanks so much for your response!

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