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    Runner on 3rd
    Batter lofts a fly to CF, windy and tips off her mitt.
    run scores
    batter ends up on 3rd.

    Error on CF? Triple? Sac fly and error on cf
  2. swohio

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    There are a lot of questions still.
    If the girl was in a position to make the play, and the run would have probably scored anyway if she makes the catch, Sac Fly RBI 3 base error.
    If the girl is running down the ball, tips off her glove, triple, RBI.
    It’s pretty much at the scorekeepers discretion. Would be a lot easier to answer if you had a replay. Lol
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  3. Stedman00

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    comes down to scorer's judgement. I've seen can o'corn pop flies ruled hits and screaming 1 hop liners ruled errors.
  4. 22dad

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    Not everyone agrees on major league scoring decisions.
  5. DLamb

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    Joey Votto is riding a 56 game hit streak, tying Joe D. Next game, at home, 0-3 coming to bat in bottom of 8th. 2 out Votto hits a screamer to third, player bobbles ball, falls over, makes late throw from knees. Reds official scorer—Hit.
    If playing on road at say, Cubs..E6.
  6. DLamb

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  7. BretMan2

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  8. Xrayaries

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    I have come to notice many folks keeping score on GC have no idea what they are doing. I witnessed a varsity coach call 6 errors on a 2nd/ss even though the ball was popped into the circle and the pitcher easily could have made the play. Our staff seamed to think the pitcher never had to field her position. I witnessed deep ground balls hit in the SS/3rd hole SS makes play but throw is not in time be called errors. I really wanted to rip GC out of her hands she belonged nowhere near the thing.
  9. Long Baller

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    Must have been the pitcher's mom keeping game changer. :rolleyes: I've seen balls smashed over the outfields scored errors because they "weren't fielding their position properly" and bunt singles (dropped in no man's land/no throw) argued as a fielder's choice because the fielder "chose not to throw the ball", even though the runner would have been safe by three steps. To some people, the concept of an infield single doesn't exist.

    "Someone has to be charged with an error on that play", and "If it touches a glove, it must be scored an error"...LMAO :confused:
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  10. Stedman00

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    my personal pet peeve is the cannon throw to 1b, either in the dirt or 9' high, where they try and put the error on the 1b, cause the coach's favorite made the throw.

    Or the ultimate classic, throw to 1b from about 20', 60+ MPH. 1B has zero reaction time, so yes, that throw was knee high, but not catchable.
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