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    Runner on 3rd
    Batter lofts a fly to CF, windy and tips off her mitt.
    run scores
    batter ends up on 3rd.

    Error on CF? Triple? Sac fly and error on cf
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    There are a lot of questions still.
    If the girl was in a position to make the play, and the run would have probably scored anyway if she makes the catch, Sac Fly RBI 3 base error.
    If the girl is running down the ball, tips off her glove, triple, RBI.
    It’s pretty much at the scorekeepers discretion. Would be a lot easier to answer if you had a replay. Lol
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    comes down to scorer's judgement. I've seen can o'corn pop flies ruled hits and screaming 1 hop liners ruled errors.
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    Not everyone agrees on major league scoring decisions.
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    Joey Votto is riding a 56 game hit streak, tying Joe D. Next game, at home, 0-3 coming to bat in bottom of 8th. 2 out Votto hits a screamer to third, player bobbles ball, falls over, makes late throw from knees. Reds official scorer—Hit.
    If playing on road at say, Cubs..E6.
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