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  1. Stefwee1

    Stefwee1 New Member

    So, I am new to this site. I joined to do some research on travel ball and the team's that are out there.

    I have 4 DDs.

    The oldest is 14yo ('03) and loves the game. She has been playing softball on and off for 6 years now. She has played rec ball in the spring and fall the last 2 years. She refers 3rd base but is willing to play wherever the coach needs her. She sees a private hitting coach once a week.

    I have a 13yo ('04) who has been playing 2 seasons of rec ball a year for 6 years. She likes to pitch and sees a private coach weekly. Pitched a little last year but this year is when she decided that was what She wanted to do. She is still working on accuracy. She also likes to play SS.

    I have a 11yo ('05).
    [FONT=&quot]She has been playing softball on and off for 6 years. She has played rec ball in the spring and fall the last 2 years. She also prefers pitching. She pitched some last year but also decided this year that she preferred to pitching . She, too, has been seeing a private pitching coach weekly. She also plays 3rd.

    [/FONT]The youngest is 6 so I'm not worried about her yet. Lol.

    All 3 girls want to play in school and also in college. With how competitive softball is in our school district I feel the only way to accomplish this is to move from rec ball to travel ball.

    We live in Kettering, Ohio. Are there any suggestions on where to start in the travel ball circuit? We don't want to travel too far since there are 3 of them and that would be to difficult.

    Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. garje

    garje Member

    You might want to consider Miami Valley Xpress. They are based out of West Carrollton and have teams to accommodate all of your DD's ages. Good luck.
  3. Stefwee1

    Stefwee1 New Member

    Thanks. I will check them out.
  4. wow

    wow Active Member

    How many years you play is not as important as the level you play. The 11 will be high side 12 next year. the other two 14 high and low. The 14's will have the largest adjustment as the competition is likely in their 5th to 6th year of travel. The 12 will also have a tough time adjusting. Get in travel asap just be patience with their development. Rec and travel diverge drastically at 14u.

    My suggestion is try and get to stingrays, in Columbius, this weekend at watch the 12's and 14's play the speed and level of the game will be amazing!

    Good luck with your search.
  5. Marlin19

    Marlin19 New Member

    Here are a few random thoughts:

    • Great move by having them seeing private coaches. Kind of expected for travel.
    • Go to some 14U and 12U tournaments to watch some teams and take notes. You can tell a lot by watching: coaching style, level of play, teammate interaction, etc.
    • Plan tryouts and go to as many as your girls feel comfortable doing. Keep in mind that a team should be a fit for you and them-coaches, players and parents.
    • Talk to as many people in travel as you can.
    • You might consider having your 04 play up with your 03 on the sane 14U team. Apparently they have birthdays in the first half of the year and do not play the same position. A coach might consider it.
    • Good luck!
  6. MadT

    MadT Member

    On wed evenings there are league games going on (with 14u teams)at Kettering fields in Dayton. May be a good time to observe they typically start around 6:30 (i believe they will be over soon) There are many teams within 50 miles of Kettering, take a look at sub options possibly this month maybe your daughters will find a good organization. Best of luck, the tryout time of the year can be stressfull for all (players/Parents) hang in there and make sure you do your research!
  7. Stefwee1

    Stefwee1 New Member

    Thanks for all words of wisdom. I have been watching the tryout list on this site. Is there another place to look to find out about tryouts?
  8. yossarian

    yossarian Member

    Great advice above, especially the idea of getting two of your girls on one team. I have friends who decided to play their younger daughter up with their older one and they are so glad they did, after years of the family being split up all summer.

    There are quite a few orgs in your area. MV Express has a solid 04 team and the 05 team is one of the better 05 teams in the state, IMO. Miamisburg Sting 04 also comes to mind. We've seen them at a number of tournaments over the years and their coaches, players and fans have a good feel. Springfield Heat is another org in your area. I agree with Wow that it would be good to get to Stingrays because you'd see many of the top orgs in Ohio there. But also in your area this weekend is Susan Komen Pink Out in Fairborn – You'd be able to see a number of teams from orgs in your area. The competition there will be less intense than Stingrays and might represent an ideal fit as you transition out of rec into travel ball.

    There are a few teams in Northern Cincinnati area (West Chester and Middletown) that would probably be about a 30 minute drive from Kettering. Static/Easton and Freedom Elite come to mind.

    Good luck.

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