ASA Tournament Sheer Madness College Showcase and USA National Qualifier June 18-20 2021

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    2021 Sheer Madness College Showcase
    USA National Qualifier

    June 18-20th 2021
    Hosted in North Ridgeville and Elyria Ohio

    Age Divisions - 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u

    10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, and 18u divisions will have 1 USA Nationals bid to the following sites for the 2020 season.
    10u - Columbus, Georgia
    12u - Richmond, Virginia
    14u - Johnson City, Tennessee
    16u - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    18u - La Habra, California

    *USA Eastern/Northern/Southern National bids will also be available in each age group

    12u teams can meet their requirements in this tournament and do not have to attend USA States.

    Tournament Details REGISTER HERE
    • 5 game Guarantee with 2 pool games seeding into Double Elimination
    • Pool Play will be no new inning after 1 hour 20 minutes and will feature roster batting should you choose to use it.
    • Bracket play will be no new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Entry fee is $600 and must be paid to secure your spot.
    • There are no refunds after February 1st 2021
    • Pool play will begin at 8:00am on Friday. Bracket play will begin Friday afternoon/evening so playing during the day on Friday will be required.
    • Teams dropping from losers bracket early will obtain 5 game guarantee in a Silver Bracket on Sunday.
    • This is an open event. Teams must be USA sanctioned and provide proof of insurance, ACE Certification, and concussion certificate.
    • Out of State teams are welcome to qualify as they were last year. We hosted teams from our surrounding states and welcome them to come play in Northeast Ohio once again this summer!
    • Tournament USA will be used to provide up to the minute updates throughout the tournament
    • All fields will have temporary fences and Diamond Dry will be on hand
    • Profile book assembly and distribution is included
    • This is a stay and play event for all teams outside of 50 miles. You are required to book through our partners at TeamInn for the event. Link will be released soon.

    For questions about the tournament please contact me directly. Text is the easiest way to get a hold of me. REGISTER HERE

    Elite Prospects Camp
    Interested in the camp? Use code "Sheer" for $25 off!

    We look forward to hosting you this summer!

    Mark Skapin
    Head Softball Coach
    Cottey College
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    Last year we had over 200 teams registered from 13 states! We ended up hosting 161 teams and are looking forward to a great fathers day weekend again in 2021!
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    18u Teams
    1. Wizards Illusion Elite 03
    2. Tide Fastpitch (WV)
    3. Valley Extreme Angelo
    4. Ohio Stampede
    5. SunDogs
    6. Xcalibur
    7. Pittsburgh Power Harvey
    8. Starz O'Brien
    9. Ohio Thunder 18u Green
    10. Ohio Classics 03
    11. Ohio Stingrays 03
    12. Windsor Wildcats 03
    13. USSSA Pride Elite Select - Teal
    14. Ohio Ice Gold
    15. Lake Erie Rage 18u

    16. FP Select
    17. Ohio Softball Club
    18. Lady Irish 02
    19. MOV Pride Murphy
    20. Ohio Storm Christopher
    21. Roc Elite White

    16u Teams
    1. Ohio Lasers Orange
    2. Ohio Lasers Black
    3. Ohio Lasers Platinum
    4. Ohio Lasers White
    5. Ohio ICE Silver
    6. Ohio Lightning Redford
    7. Pittsburgh Predators Premier
    8. So Cal Athletics French
    9. Ohio Ice Green - Lesch
    10. Valley Extreme Buck
    11. Explosive Elite 04
    12. Wizards Gold Orner
    13. Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners
    14. Maddogs

    15. Central Ohio Pride Premier
    16. Diamond Chix Premier
    17. Steel City Athletics 05
    18. Central Ohio Pride 04
    19. Lady Lookouts '05
    20. Ohio Stampede Davis
    21. Armstrong Elite PA
    22. Erie Frost PA
    23. Sandusky County Stingers
    24. Ohio Strikeforce
    25. Lady Lightning
    26. Revolution Elite

    14u Teams
    1. Ohio Lasers Gray '07
    2. Cincy Doom '06 Gold
    3. Ohio Hawks '07 Emswiler
    4. PA Stingrays '06
    5. Texas Gory PA
    6. Ohio Stingrays '06
    7. Ohio Storm '06
    8. Ohio Storm '07
    9. Ohio Lightning 06
    10. Ohio Emeralds 06
    11. Ohio Wolfpack 07
    12. River City Venom - Troutman
    13. JABC Riot 06
    14. Central Ohio Pride 07
    15. Passion Softball 06

    16. Emeralds 07
    17. Ohio Bandits Schmitz
    18. Erie Frost 07
    19. Lightning 14u Blue
    20. SGS Magic 14u McNett
    21. Ohio Rebels Hensley
    23. Ohio Maddogs

    12u Teams
    1. Ohio Lasers Purple 09
    2. Ohio Storm 08
    3. Texas Glory PA 08

    1. Texas Glory PA
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    Valley Extreme Angelo added
    Ohio Stampede added
    SunDogs added
    Xcalibur added

    Valley Extreme Buck added
    Explosive Elite added
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    Pittsburgh Power Harvey added
    Starz O'Brien added
    Ohio Thunder 18u Green added
    Ohio Classics 03

    Kettering Krush added
    Wizards Gold Orner added

    Ohio Storm 06 added
    Ohio Emeralds 06
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    Ohio Stingrays 03 added

    Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners added
    Lady Lookouts 05 added

    Ohio Wolfpack 07 added
    River City Venom - Troutman added
    JABC Riot 06 added
    Central Ohio Pride 07 added
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    Windsor Wildcats 03 added

    Maddogs added

    Ohio Stingrays 06 added
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  8. Please add Central Ohio Pride Premier to 16U. Thank you.
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    USSSA Pride Elite Select - Teal added
    Ohio Ice Gold added
    Lake Erie Rage 18u added

    Central Ohio Pride Premier added
    Diamond Chix Premier added
    Steel City Athletics 05 added
    Ohio Lasers Orange added

    Passion Softball 06 added
    Emeralds 07 added
    PA Stingrays 06 added
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    FP Select added

    Cincy Doom 06 Gold added
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    Please add Ohio Storm 02
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    Central Ohio Pride 04 added

    Ohio Lasers Purple 09 added
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    Ohio Storm 02 added

    Ohio Lasers Black 05 added

    Ohio Lasers Gray 07 added

    Ohio Storm 08 added
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    Ohio Softball Club added
    Lady Irish 02 added

    Pittsburgh Predators Premier added
    Armstrong Elite added

    Ohio Hawks 07 added
    Ohio Bandits Schmitz added
    Texas Glory PA added

    Texas Glory PA 08 added

    Texas Glory PA added
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    18u MOV Pride Murphy added
    18u ROC Elite white added

    16u So Cal Athletics French added
    16u Ohio Lasers platinum '04 added
    16u Ohio Lasers White '05 added
    16u Revolution elite added
    16u Ohio Strikeforce added

    14u SGS Magic McNett added
    14u Ohio Rebels Hensley added
    14u Ohio Maddogs added
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