Softball, Such a small world...

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    So here I am in Minneapolis eating dinner at the bar counter when a young lady walks up and sits in the bar stool next to me. She is wearing a Kent State softball shirt which strikes up a conversation. Ends up being someone who used to play against my middle DD in HS years. She was at one of my hotels on business, said she is working for one of our business partners here on training and is able to play in the women's Pro League with he company supporting her endeavors during the season. Now that is a cool company that can allow that! I was very impressed with where she is at in her life and seeing that with commitment, hard work and a goal oriented person that has been successful in her young life. I did say please tell me you wear a pitching mask in the pro league, but she stated she just cant get used to it, in which I cringed and said conversation over.....Just kidding.... was glad to hear she is doing well and seeing an Ohio kid doing that good states how far Ohio Softball has come......

    Yes it's a small world and Yes, I thanked her for being a loyal customer..... ;)

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