Spring Friendly #2 10u,12-u April 14/ 15 125.00

Discussion in 'USFA' started by Rowe Sports Complex, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Rowe Sports Complex will host 2 days of Friendlies - Saturday and Sunday - both age groups - both days
    4 -6 teams per day per division, 3 gg weather permitting, 125.00 Championship t-shirts to winners.
    contact Mike - madisonacme@yahoo.com www.rowepsortscomplex.com
  2. Coaches - these are starting to fill -up, please get your registration forms in please . thanks Mike/ Angie
  3. coachferrari

    coachferrari New Member

    Is this going to be 2 days guaranteed or is each team going to play on either Saturday or Sunday?

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