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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Bob_Himmelein, May 15, 2020.

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    Good riddance? What an asinine thing to say! So I’m looking out for my daughters health, and I’m the one with the problem, smh! So my daughter who struggles with asthma already, throw in the heat, and now a mask, no way am I putting her at an additional risk just to play a game.

    There a lot of hypocrites on this site, people complain about safety bags, breakway bags, rolled bats, illegal subs, bad umps, stay to play and they don’t want to play, but a virus that could cause serious issues, possibly death, let’s not worry about that.
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    today is May 16th. how many changes have we seen every day for the last how many weeks? I estimated June 1st. i still stand by my call. Only time will tell. things will be much diff in 2 weeks trust me. :)
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    1. I know your daughter is not on this 12u team.
    2. I think you misread the post. It was about people who were unwilling to adhere to even the simplest of safety measures. That is the complete opposite of what you are arguing.

    That said, I'm willing to be your straw man if you need one. Let it out!!
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    Our team is excited to play and prepared to do our part and abide by whatever rules are put forth.

    With that said, I totally disagree with a coach needing a mask ON the field. That is the easiest place to maintain 6' of distance.... Not to mention it makes verbally coaching your team while they are at the plate or on bases very difficult.

    Secondly, it states that players will be required to wear a mask when not on the field. If that means dugout or outside of the dugout then I agree. However if they are in between games just sitting around near their family and keeping there 6' distance then there is no reason to make them continue to wear a mask.

    I am not against wearing a mask, I do it every day at work WHEN I leave my area. Having coaches, players and umps wear a mask when it's not necessary, especially when it is hot out is simply not benefiting anyone!

    There is a tendency to roll out these guidelines in general and then adjust them as they go along... I hope these guidelines s are some that get adjusted. Until then we will do what we are advised to do in order to get these girls an opportunity to get back on the field and feel a bit of normality.

    Someone said it on here earlier and I agree in that the initial guidelines seem more geared towards a team that plays 1 game a day or a double header and then heads home for the day.
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    Like I said before, I believe this is going to come down to how much common sense the people running the tournaments use, pure and simple. There's going to be a wide range of enforcement...some of it will be over the top and some of it will be reasonable. And for those of you who run tournaments out there who think there is no possibility of being over-the-top with your enforcement, please due me a favor and let me know what tournaments you're running now so I can make sure we avoid them....dead serious. This is supposed to be fun for the girls, so I would rather avoid certain tournaments if they are going to be run in a way that takes the fun out of it for them. For instance, our team now has 10 tourneys scheduled through August. Knowing our team parents, coaches and girls fairly well I am guessing that if only six of the tourneys are going to be run in a way where they will be enjoyable, but four of them are going to be run where they're going to make it unreasonably difficult on the girls and looking for reasons to kick people out of the tournament we'd rather just skip those four and play the six. This virus is a very temporary situation that we're likely only going to be dealing with the rest of this year and then it's impact on travel softball is very likely gone, so there's no point in putting yourself through tournaments that will be miserably managed just to play a few extra tournaments this year. Depending on how the tourneys are run we as a team are already talking about just organizing some games vs other teams or maybe a couple 4 team friendly's on weekends depending on how things go in June because the girls really just want to play.
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  6. Bob_Himmelein

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    We have never been accused of being heavy handed period and from reading your early posts I am asking you to withdraw from any tournaments I am involved in. The ones I run, assist or provide umpires for are listed on the site. I have been doing these events for many years and we bust our back ends to make things fun. It is attitudes like yours that cause most issues. I suspect you will never be happy and it is not worth dealing with you, even if you think, our events are the "good guys" please do not enter or withdraw as you can only make others miserable.
    You can also send me your team name and we can drop your team to make it simple. No TD or anyone is trying to be heavy handed and you have no idea of what the hassles these guidelines and confusion as to what park is open what week, the school fields that closed until July 1st etc. If you do not believe there will not be oversight from outside your naïve at best. I could go on about the issues confronting this season, but you will find something to complain about either now or at the event and it is easier if you do not attend our events., All TD are busting their butts to make things work and there are plenty of teams that want to play and understand the situation we, coaches, players, TD's and umpires are tying to deal.
    Thanks and as always, I sign may name and do not hide behind a posting name, do the same if you want to be critical of others.
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    I think what is missing in the discussion, shouting increases the distance of spread. I think that it the point behind the face coverings. Can you imagine it if they banned yelling:).
  9. DanMaz

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    mega phones for all umps!
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    Deleting this pending the print version of the new order.
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    So no "mandatory" masks? Stuck on a call and can only go by what is being updated.
  12. mroby5172

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    Still mandatory, he basically lifted the mandate to stay at home and stated that all the separate orders for each type of business is to be followed.
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    Hmmm. That's not how I read DeWine's Twitter feed. Have you found the text of today's new order yet?
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    Something came to mind as far as plate umpires wearing masks. There are stipulations that allow for certain people to not wear the face coverings, for example cooks in a restaurant because of the heat or older people that may have breathing issues. Makes me wonder if this profession could fall into an exempt status due to working conditions.
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    He just clarified to a reporter. Business/restaurant protocols are still in place. Still wants people to wear face masks when out in public. Still no large gatherings.
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    That's so strange. His Twitter feed literally says no more orders governing mass gatherings. My head is spinning.
  17. IRdad09

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    I may be missing something. But other than the name of the stay at home order I don't see a lot of change. Not complaining just confused.

    The highlights of the new "Ohioans Protecting Ohioans" order include:

    • Social distancing to avoid overwhelming hospitals
    • Limiting mass gatherings to 10 people or less
    • Increased hand washing
    • A strong recommendation that high-risk Ohioans stay at home as much as possible and avoid places where they are likely to encounter a lot of people
    • A strong recommendation, but not an order, that Ohioans stay at their place of residence when possible
    • Travel restrictions from previous orders are lifted, but residents are encouraged to limit travel outside of Ohio
    • Keeping number to number cases one to one, meaning that a person with the virus in only infecting one other person
    • It incorporates all the previous orders for businesses
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    Well, he said all that was changing from an order to a recommendation.
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