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    I know the toughest time of year for school ball is upon the young ladies as the dreadful term of cuts comes about... While some say its political and other things, at the end of the day 99% of the coaches are just trying to field the best team they can with the selections available. Some girls believe it's a right to make Varsity, but attitude, hustle, drive, self workouts and again, attitude toward the other girls and their own leadership are some that come to mind. If yours gets cut unfortunately, let them do the talking to the coach and ask what they need to work on to improve themselves. That is never a Mom or dad discussion and will always end badly. Remember strange things occur over the next few weeks, such as grades, poor choices, attitudes and other things that may come around to help your DD get pulled up. So Support her and make the best of it what she can. Even if on JV, hustle, attitude, leadership skill sets will put her ahead of ones who don't.

    It's never easy on the coaches, so be there and support your DD, regardless of the outcome, as she is your daughter first, a ball player second......

    Just my two cents.......
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    Good post and discussion. At our high school, we could be 2 or 3 deep in every position for Varsity, so yes, it is very competitive. Some girls who get cut could make Varsity at other schools. For my DD, if there is a choice to make Varsity and get less or little playing time or play a second year of JV and play (she is a pitcher), I say chose the team where you will be playing which will help to stay focused because June rolls around pretty quickly. All the hard work these kids put in just to sit the bench to say they are on Varsity seems sad to me. What are the thoughts from everyone else?
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    Sometimes it's good to be a little fish in a big pond.
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    VARSITY !!!

    Shagging to RAKEING.

    Gopher to GOAT.

    Sisters thru COMPETITION.
  5. If girls on varsity aren't getting any playing time, hopefully the coach can send them to JV to get some time every once in a while to help stay sharp.
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    My DD and I talked about this very thing before tryouts. She is a freshman and has been working hard to make varsity. Her dream was to make varsity as a freshman but she said if she had a choice between sitting the bench on varsity or playing every game on JV, then she would rather play. Luckily, she made varsity and should get to play quite a bit. It was great for my daughter to see that all her hard work has paid off.
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    Always a culture shock to the young ladies when they advance from middle school and grade school programs that have them competing within their immediate age group to high school programs choosing girls from four years of talent. Few have experienced being cut at the earlier instructional levels and this becomes a harsh reality. Parents; try to instill a team attitude in your kids. Even at a younger age they need to see the contribution to a winning effort may only need their base running skills or fielding strength. They can work on their weaker skills to earn more field time but till that opportunity comes along they need to stay focused on the big picture here. That team photograph may be the only thing left years from now. That and the memory of a season they'll never be able to duplicate. Rely on the judgement of a coaching staff to do the right thing. Their vision of the big picture may be different than yours. Have a great season and remember; being part of any team is much more fun than watching from the grandstands. There's a difference between an attitude and principles.
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    Hey Micheal Jordan got cut .
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    Not sure if all Schools are like our school which is 5A next to the Largest Class they rarely make cuts & keeps kids that have no Business making a Team. This is very Unfortunate for this Generation where kids can't have their feelings hurt & have the Life Lesson of being cut & possibly finding the right sport or Drive to Work at it & Try again.
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    If there is actually a choice a player can make it to play JV or Varsity, I think it depends on the program ...

    * Does JV practice with varsity or not?
    * How good are the coaches?
    * What quality of play/competition will there be on the JV team?

    I'd personally lean to encouraging my DD to go to the varsity, really work hard and impress the coaches, and if she doesn't get to play much during the school year, that she'll make up for it during the summer. But I do understand the opposite argument.
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    What if the coach thinks they can make them better softball players? May not make them all stars but can make them better than what they started off as. Plus, the coach could also teach these "kids that have no business making a team" about team work, effort, attitude and setting goals & working to achieve them. It can also teach the talented kids how to be a leader and help these kids.
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