The Softball Sandlot run by current and former college softball players and coaches!!

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    Hello all!

    My name is Hannah Mercer and I wanted to let you know that the Softball Sandlot, LLC is coming to Erie, PA next month and we would love your athletes to be there!

    For a brief introduction - I am an IUP softball alumni and am currently on staff at IUP as an assistant coach. Coaching has always been a passion of mine which is what prompted me to create the brand, The Softball Sandlot, LLC! We started to put on these sandlot events in Pittsburgh, PA (we successfully did one as short as three weeks ago) and wanted to bring it to other geographic regions in the Northeast too! For our Erie event, we plan on bringing current and former softball players from Illinois, George Mason, UPenn, IUP, CalU, Gannon and more to work with your girls and help them get to the next level. Attached is a list of the softball staff we have committed for the event! Please see below for a detailed summary of the Softball Sandlot, LLC and what you can expect when your girls participate in the event.

    The event:
    The Softball Sandlot is a traveling youth softball camp for athletes aged 12-16. This camp is run entirely by college softball players - both former and current (and some that are currently on staff at various colleges)! Sign up as an individual to be assigned a team to learn to play with new and different teammates.

    The first hour of the event will include collegiate player introduction (representing from D1, D2, D3 and NAIA schools), warm up and specific positional work. Having been split into six designated teams coached by collegiate softball players, each team will run through three stations two times each. The stations include the following:

    1. Live game (two games against two different teams) coached entirely by designated collegiate softball player(s)

    2. Clinic (both offensive and defensive clinic) to work skillwork

    3. Classroom (first time through the college softball players will talk about the mental aspect of the game and the second time through athletes will sit in on a recruiting seminar - handouts will be provided for both classroom setting).

    *CDC guidelines will be followed at these events during COVID-19.
    *Fee includes t-shirt!
    If this sounds like something your athletes might be interested in, you are able to learn more and sign up at the following link:

    Hope to see your athletes in Erie in August!

    Hannah Mercer

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