They areTtraining High School Umpires in Your Area!!

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    This is a notice that I got from my local HS umpire-in-chief (Western PA).

    I'm sure that there are similar offerings in your area. The sport needs new umpires. Encourage young men and especially young women to get involved. It's a great way for those older players to give back, stay involved and make a few bucks, who knows what will come of it.

    Hi All,
    Although it?s a ways off yet, softball season will be upon us sooner than we think.
    In order to maintain an adequate number of softball officials to handle your games we need to continually recruit and properly train new officials. I?ll be conducting a START Program for the recruitment of new HS softball officials at IUP beginning the first of February, which provides training\tutoring for prospective officials and prepares them to successfully pass the PIAA test to certify them as HS softball officials.
    The meetings for this will be held on Feb 1st, 15th and 22nd from 6 PM to 8 PM at the HUB at IUP. It provides rule books, sample tests and hands on rules interpretation for those who attend. The itinerary will be working through the sample tests and rules discussion in the first two weeks. In the third week the test will be given. Sitting through these sessions does not guarantee certification but in the two previous programs we held, we had 100% of the participants become certified.
    Please spread the word through your areas. If you know anyone who would be interested please have them contact me at 724-464-7387, this email address or
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Look forward to another successful season.
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    If you love the sport and your kids are grown or you know a younger person who previously played, give the classes a try! It really is a good way to give back and/or just stay involved.

    I used to schedule umps for my son's local baseball league. I would need about 8-9 umps a week. It was the most stressful thing, very hard to do. This will be the first time in 3-4 years that I have not had to schedule...I am actually looking forward to my spring!

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