FASA Third Annual "May Mayhem" Event May 18-19th

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    MAY 18-19th, 2019
    10U, 12U, 14U, 4 GAME MINIMUM* *Weather Permitting

    FASA Event - You do not pay Sanction Fees

    Contact the Tournament Director for Group Discounts.

    Games will be played at Streetsboro City Park and Gracie Fields, Rootstown, OH. Gracie Park is one of the nicest small parks in N.E. Ohio.

    FOR MORE TOURNAMENT INFORMATION, contact Bob Himmelein - 440-773-9973 or via e-mail at bobh1951@gmail.com
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    Teams Entered UPDATED FINAL 5/5/2019

    10U POOL A
    1. OH Rebels - Collins
    2. Valley Extreme
    3. ROC Elite
    4. Erie Frost
    5. Steel Valley Storm

    10U POOL B
    1. Canfield Crush
    2. OH. Outlaws
    3. OH. Blast - Fisher
    4. L.E. Warhawks
    5. OH. Energy Swaider

    12U Pool C
    1. Thunder Elite - Bodien
    2. Poland Pride
    3. Oh. Monsters - Gurich
    4. Ohio Rebels Hensley

    12U Pool D
    1.Devils Fastpitch
    2. Union City Ice
    3. Chargers - Dever
    4. OH. Monsters - Stief

    12U POOL E
    1. Silver Creek - Quinn
    2. Manchester Pride
    3. Diamond Elite 07
    4. Maddogs - Campbell

    12U POOL F
    1. Valley Extreme - Watts
    2. Steel Valley Storm -Millich
    3. Pitts Power Butler
    4. Erie Frost - Sherman

    14U POOL J
    1. Youngtown Express
    2. Steel Valley Storm
    3.OH Emeralds 05
    4 Eliminators

    14U POOL G
    1. Maddogs
    2. OH Blast
    3 OH. Ice Silver
    4. OH Rebels -Collins

    14U POOL H
    1. Panther Pride
    2. Chaos
    3. Thunder Elite 05
    4. ROC Elite

    14U Pool M
    1. OH. Slamforce
    2. Buckeye Charge
    3. OH. Monsters - Nader
    4. Diamond Dogs
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    Please remove LE Warhawks Dixon from the 14u list.
  4. Bob_Himmelein

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    Final Team List has been posted above. Thanks for your interest and support. Based on the interest in this event, we will be expanding to additional fields for next year, same weekend!!
  5. Bob_Himmelein

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    May Mayhem Tournament Information

    Saturday Bracket Schedule and Brackets are attached below.
    FASA Tournament Rules are attached.

    10U and three Pools of the 14U division will be played at will be at Gracie Fields, Rootstown, OH on Saturday.
    GRACIE FIELDS 3540 Cook Rd, Rootstown, OH 44272

    12U Pool Games & one Pool of 14U games will be played at Streetsboro City Park, This is near the Pierce County Library. Some map programs will direct you to the old city hall building address. The Street address to use for Map programs is 8990 Kirby Ln, Streetsboro, OH 44241. The park is just beyond the library as Kirby Lane ends.

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  6. Bob_Himmelein

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    Pool Assignments, Rules, Pool Schedule and Brackets posted above.
  7. Shawn Lucas

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    Worst run tournament I have ever seen. Will never be back!
  8. Shawn Lucas

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    Got moved from the field we were supposed to play our first game on...5 minutes before game. Got second game pushed back almost 2 hrs. Never got to play last pool game as the team we were suppose to play was playing their second after 6 pm when we were supposed to be playing them
  9. Bob_Himmelein

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    10U Champions Oh. Outlaws Finalist Canfield Crush. The Crush team fought from a 1st round 3rd seed to make the finals.

    12U Chargers beat Valley Extreme in the finals of a rain shortened event at Streetsboro.

    14U In one of the wildest brackets we have seen, Monsters - Nader and Chaos played to a 6 to 6 tie in a game which was stopped due to darkness.
    These two teams went at with everything the had, the lead went back and forth and with Monsters leading 6-4, Chaos scored two to tie the game again. This bracket was wild with five games going into ITB's!

    We also got to give away our 1st Sunday Slam Squad Shirt to a Thunder Elite player in one of the semi-final games!

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