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    I loved this message it's great to hear from someone that has experienced this.

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    Powerful stuff! Great message. A LOT of parents need to hear and understand this message.
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    Similar to the message I preach of the player asking the coach, "What do I need to work on in order to get more playing time?" versus having mommy or daddy go scream at the HC/President of the BOD/ Head of the Organization about playing time while wearing the rose colored glasses.
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    I let players and parents know in the first meeting we will not be discussing playing time. Parents are not to come to the coaches regarding playing time, line up, or positions.

    If players are unhappy with playing time wait 24hrs come talk to me and lets go over everything and see what we need to do to get you more playing time.
    I do not handle the drama or anything negatively very well at all. Mommy and daddy coming to whine about Suzie not getting to play and asking how we came up with that decision. Excuse me? Did you not see your daughter go .000 in Pool play?? Maybe she should give soccer a Try... I simply hit the eject button and let the player go if mom and dad are getting involved and being unrealistic.
    Nice thing for the most part minus a few, I have always had great families that respect our team culture and let their athletes be big girls and handle their own.
    Just like carrying your own bat bag. drives me nuts seeing a parent carry a kids bat bag!!
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    Just like carrying your own bat bag. drives me nuts seeing a parent carry a kids bat bag!!

    Heard the girls call them Bagdads. Still chuckle over that
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    College coaches are watching every aspect of your game day. From warmups to interactions with your parents. I have heard many stories of coaches scratching a girl from their list because of the way they interacted with their parents, coaches and umpires.
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    @Xrayaries very true statement. I was talking with a coach and he told a story of how he was so excited to see this athlete and gets to the park early to catch some other games and just so happens he pulls in a few cars down from the Athlete and gets to hear her ripping her dad and cussing up a storm. Needless to say he didn’t need to see anymore of her. Crossed her off his list and didn’t go watch her play. These coaches want great human beings that treat people the way they want to be treated along with a good student athlete. It’s not always about on the field. It all matters.
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    My granddaughter has been playing since she was 3 yo.
    She’s always carried her own equipment. An athlete carries her own.

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