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    50 teams played in this event in 2018

    1. Thunder Elite 08-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 09-pd
    3. ROC Elite-pd
    4. Ohio Warriors-pd
    5. Poland Pride-pd
    6. River City Venom- ferderbar-pd

    1. Thunder Elite 12u Black-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 07-pd
    3. Pittsburgh Power-cogis-pd
    4. Explosive Fastpitch 12u Black-pd
    5. Ohio Blast-dado-pd
    6. Black Widows 07-pd
    7. Silver Creek Prospects
    9. Lady Landsharks navy-pd
    10. Poland Pride-pd
    11. Keystone Kryptonite-gearhart-pd
    12. Ohio Outlaws-shaulis

    1. Thunder Elite -Mazzella-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 05-pd
    3. Thunder Elite 14U Premier-pd
    4. Ohio Warriors 04-pd
    5. ROC Elite 04-pd
    6. Pitt Power 05 barber-pd
    7. Explosive Fastpitch White-pd
    8. Rage 14u Zona-pd
    9. Lasers Yellow Easton-pd
    10. 14U Elite 05 Roadrunners-pd
    11. SPC Hotsox ‘04-pd
    12. Ohio Blast-barbato
    13. Ohio Outlaws-Garroway
    14. Silver Creek 13U
    15. Black Widows-baker-pd
    16. Ohio Outlaws-feren
    17. Keystone Kryptonite-pd
    18. River City Venom-abbott-pd
    19. Ohio Warriors ‘05-pd

    1. Thunder Elite White-pd
    2.Thunder Elite 16U Premier-pd
    3. Tigerlillies-pd
    4. Ohio USSSA Pride Scarlet-pd
    5. Buckeye Charge-pd
    6. Ohio Blast -buxton
    7. Cobras-pd
    8. Buckeye Charge'03-pd
    9. Ohio Lightning-Eoff-pd
    10. Diamond Chix-pd
    11. Ohio Warrioirs
    12. Pittsburgh Pride-witt/magill-pd
    13. Keystone Kryptonite-pd
    14. West Hills Softball-baxter-dep
    15. Pittsburgh Passion '03-pd
    16. River City Venom

    1. Thunder Elite 18U Premier-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 01-pd
    3. Buckeye Charge-froehlich-pd
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  3. Zoldan9

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    Please add OHIIO USSSA PRIDE SCARLET to 16u. Thanks! This is formerly Ohio Blast 03/Warriors03.
  4. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    Team List is updated!!
  5. canes7

    canes7 Member

    please add spc hotsox 04 to the list. We just mailed our registration. Thanks
  6. ioagf

    ioagf New Member

    please add Outlaws 14U Premier Garroway to the list. Thanks
  7. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    Team List is Updated!!
  8. GreenDog

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    Please add Ohio Lightning - Eoff to 16U. Will get registration and check to you.
  9. Basehitgirl

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    Please add Buckeye Charge 12U- Warren
  10. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    Team list is updated!!
  11. Swim Coach

    Swim Coach New Member

    Please add Pittsburgh Pride Witt/Magill 16U. Registration in the mail this week.
  12. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

  13. leroy herman

    leroy herman New Member

    Add Keystone Kryptonite 16u. Sent registration a couple days ago
  14. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    Thanks Leroy. I will add you to the team list
  15. CoachCasey

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    Please add Ohio Outlaws - Shaulis to 12U.. I will get registration in the mail.
  16. CoachCasey

    CoachCasey Member

    We good to go here?
  17. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    All set Casey.. Just get things sent in when you get time
  18. CoachCasey

    CoachCasey Member

    Perfect!! Will do. Thank you!
  19. Basehitgirl

    Basehitgirl Member

    Can you please remove Buckeye Charge 12U list. We will be missing girls due to a school trip.

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