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  1. GoDragons

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    Tiffin University Elite Indoor Friendlies

    Nov 23rd: 14U
    Nov 24th: 16-18U

    Dec 1st: 12U
    Dec 8th: 14U
    Dec 28th: 16-18U
    Dec29th: 14U

    Jan 4th: 12U
    Jan 5th: 16-18U
    Jan 11th: 10U
    Jan 25th: 16-18U
    Jan 26th: 14U

    Feb 1st: 16-18U
    Feb 15th: 12U
    Feb 16th: 14U

    Location: Heminger Center at Tiffin University
    Time: Games start at 9:00am
    Cost: $275.00 for 3 (55 minute drop dead time games)
    Warm-up area and batting cages available.

    Please contact: Brian Coleman

    Spots are filling up quickly...

  2. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    4 dates completely full, 3 dates only 2 away. In need of 12U teams!
  3. Do you have a list of teams
  4. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    For what age group and date?
  5. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    we will be sending in our registration for November 24th date. If that date is full please give us other dates available. 16u
  6. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member


    Nov 23 (5 spots available)
    Nov 24 Full
    Dec 1 st (5 spots open)
    Dec 8 th (4 spots open)
    Dec 28th (3 spots open)
    Dec29th (7 spots open)
    Jan 4th (6 spots open)
    Jan 5th Full
    Jan 11th (5 spots open)
    Jan 25th Full
    Jan 26th Full
    Feb 1 st Full
    Feb 15th (6 spots open)
    Feb 16th (3 spots open)
  7. Can you post a team list for 12u, please and thank you.
  8. 16u Feb 1st / Jan 5
  9. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    12 U teams: Wizards Elite, Ohio Rebels(Collins), Wizards Rush, Indiana Shock, Ohio Rebels (Hensley)
  10. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    Jan 5
    Triple Crown Royals
    Finesse Blackswamp
    Wizards Gold
    Ohio Bulldawgs 18U and a 16U

    Feb 1
    MOV Pride
    NWO Heat
    Ursuline HS
    SGS Magic
    Margaretta HS
  11. Michael Nagel

    Michael Nagel New Member

  12. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    Yes 14U spots still available and you do need to pay when you send in registration form.
  13. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    Which 12u teams do u already have on 1/12?

    Which teams do you have on 2/14?

  14. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    We do not play on those dates????
  15. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    NEED 14 U teams for: Nov 23rd, Dec 8th & 29th, and Feb 16th

    NEED 12 U teams for: Dec 1st, Jan 4th and Feb 15th
  16. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    Fat fingers and early morning when I wrote that ;)

    which 12u teams do you already have signed up on 1/4 and 2/15?
  17. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    12 U list is very small at this time, if it does not start filling soon we are going to change the age group for this weekend.
  18. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    can you post team list for each division and date? Please.
  19. GoDragons

    GoDragons Member

    Updated 11/11 2019

    Added 16-18U dates are Dec 1st and 29th (we have room for 4 teams each day)

    Nov 23 (2 spot available 14U)
    Nov 24 Full
    Dec 1 st (2 spots open for 12U)
    Dec 8 th 14U (2 spots)
    Dec 28th Full
    Dec29th (Full for 14U) (3 spots open for 16-18U)
    Jan 4th (2 spots open 12U 4 spots open for 16/18U)
    Jan 5th Full
    Jan 11th (1 spots open 10U 4 spots open for 16/18U)
    Jan 25th Full
    Jan 26th Full
    Feb 1 st Full
    Feb 15th (1 spots open 12U, 4 spots open for 16/18U)
    Feb 16th Full

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  20. OhPhat

    OhPhat Active Member

    What 14u team do you have entered already on 12/29?
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