Tigress Glove reviews?

Discussion in 'Bats and Equipment Review' started by Blazer, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Blazer

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    I have seen the Tigress gloves are starting to show up more in tournaments. Can anyone provide some actual hands-on reviews of their gloves? They look to be a great quality glove and a reasonable price, but it could be just how they advertise.
  2. finfan365

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    My daughter just got one this year still not fully broken in yet as I opted to do the work myself. So far I’m impressed with the quality. Cant say how durable it will be yet. She liked being able to fully customize it right down to the embroidered logo on the back (uploaded custom image).

    We were able to order using a promo code through a pitching coach in the Dayton area to get a deep discount. So that was a bonus. I think I ended up paying around 150.00.
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