Tigress Glove reviews?

Discussion in 'Bats and Equipment Review' started by Blazer, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Blazer

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    I have seen the Tigress gloves are starting to show up more in tournaments. Can anyone provide some actual hands-on reviews of their gloves? They look to be a great quality glove and a reasonable price, but it could be just how they advertise.
  2. finfan365

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    My daughter just got one this year still not fully broken in yet as I opted to do the work myself. So far I’m impressed with the quality. Cant say how durable it will be yet. She liked being able to fully customize it right down to the embroidered logo on the back (uploaded custom image).

    We were able to order using a promo code through a pitching coach in the Dayton area to get a deep discount. So that was a bonus. I think I ended up paying around 150.00.
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  3. Tigress Gloves

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    Blazer, I don't know if you have made your glove decision yet, but I can tell you a little more about Tigress Gloves.
    I started Tigress Gloves about two years ago. Before that I was a glove rep for a terrific glove factory and really got to know the difference between leathers and craftmanship from all other factories. In our first year, I tried several factories. Each made gloves for other major brands, and each fell short of what I expected and demanded for Tigress.
    The financial commitment that was required to employ the factory I used to rep was extremely high, and so for the first year I looked for alternatives. Finally I realized that there was no other option. If I wanted to offer the best glove, at the best price, and partner with a factory that put out the best product and consistency, I had to pony up and "bet the farm".
    When I first started we never made the statement that Tigress was "The Best Fastpitch Glove You Could Get". I knew it wasn't true, and would not make statements that were not true. Now, we do make that statement. I fully believe that Tigress is the best! We offer leathers that are the exact same, or better, than the biggest labels. We also offer this leather at less than half the cost. We have developed upgraded features that are unique to our gloves, and improve the fit on female hands. Tigress Gloves only uses natural leather! No plastic mesh, or pebbled synthetic coatings. We don't use cheaper materials and try to convince the consumer that they are actually more valuable.
    Our customer satisfaction and growth has been excellent since partnering with our factory. It was well worth the move to do so.
    Now I see many glove companies that are still using the factories I rejected. They make claims that are not true, and the customer is paying more for a lesser product. I will never name names. I hope everyone is happy with their glove purchase, regardless of who they get it through. Player satisfaction is very important to their confidence and performance.
    I hope this helps. You can also visit our website at www.tigressgloves.com or email us if you have any questions at tigressgloves@gmail.com
    Best of luck this season!
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  4. Blazer

    Blazer New Member

    Thanks for the info. I actually ended up buying a Tigress first base glove from your winter stock sale last month. I am definitely happy with the quality so far, I'm sure it will hold up quite well this season.
  5. Tigress Gloves

    Tigress Gloves New Member

    Great Blazer. Thanks for trying us out!

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