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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Rocket Dad, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Rocket Dad

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  2. Pitchermom

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    Congratulations, Coach!
  3. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    Welcome back to the Buckeye state Joe . I hope you do great .
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  4. FP1088

    FP1088 Member

    Lots and Lots of tears in my house last night. You will be greatly missed Joe. Congrats and Good Luck!
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  5. Creek01

    Creek01 Active Member

    Congrats Coach Joe. The hardest working man on the recruiting trail. Toledo & MAC Softball just got better!!!
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  6. Pacerdad57

    Pacerdad57 Member

    Congratulations Joe! Best of luck at Toledo!
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  7. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Thanks, everyone. I am going to miss the Hillsdale girls terribly and I already feel it. It's strange having such a high and a low feeling at the same time. I am thrilled to be back in Ohio after ten years, but at least for softball purposes Michigan is my second home (and Washington is my third lol).
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  8. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Congrats, I got a story about Joe, a few years ago my oldest daughter was a "baby Stingray" her 9U year, so after her games were over at Coffey Park at Stingrays Showcase, I took her over to Beekman. She loved watching the older girls, watching there every move, but she being nieve, would go up and sit right behind the backstop trying to scootch over the college coaches intently watching potential recruits. I swear she was one time sitting on the lap of the Pitt head coach. Me watching from the outfield fence, wide eyes and jaw dropping I start to head up toward the backstop to discreetly tell her to move, but as I approached her, Joe starts talking to her or maybe she initiated it, I am not sure, but talked to her a good 45 minutes about softball. My wife remembers it well, I remember it well, and my daughter still talks about the Hillsdale Coach who talked to her all game that day at Beekman. AWESOME!!!
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  9. Lady Lasers 05

    Lady Lasers 05 New Member

    Personally a very sad household here, as we were so looking forward to watching our daughter play for you at Hillsdale. But Toledo couldn't get a better man for the job. Much respect for you Coach Joe, and so appreciative of the time you spent with us these last two years. Wishing you great success and sure we will be seeing you around the fields as the years go on.
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  10. Irish196

    Irish196 Active Member

    Great story 24. : ) typical of a coach that everyone loves.
    Ever since our daughter first spoke with him on the phone during a Softball Zone radio show in 8th grade ((thanks Jeff & Ricky)) she has liked him as he made a nervous kid feel comfortable and at ease. When she committed there a couple of years later it was the happiest day in her softball “career” and playing for such a great coach was a big part of it. As parents we never doubted for a minute she would be in great hands with Joe and that he would help mentor her with the same values and principles we had. The Toledo families are very lucky.

    Coach Joe, though you know how sad Meg is, we are all happy for you and know that this is a super move for your career and you have certainly earned it.

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  11. chixdad

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    Congrats Joe,you will do great at UT.
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  12. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    I suggest your first order of business is finishing the I75 project .. lol
  13. Joe--- ever since I met you about 2000 at Beavercreek, I admired your love for the game--not only as a slowpitch player but also as fastpitch coach teaching girls the game and how to be gracious when winning and accepting losing. I also envied your writing skills going back to your sports reporter job at Chillicothe and then to go on and get your law degree and most of all, your conservative view of the government not dictating everything we humans are supposed to--that is, we can think for our ourselves. I was a little peeved at the WSU Athletic Director for not going after you for the job he had open but as it turns out, the new job has much more prestige and exposure. I am very excited for you and wish you continued success and many championships at Toledo.

    Bob Darden
  14. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Thanks again, everyone. Matt, I remember your daughter from the Stingrays tourney a few years back! I guess we lose sight of the effect we might have, because it was just another conversation at the ball fields to me.

    Bob, thanks for the nice words. Not many can go back that far with me to the sportswriting days!
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  15. klinder

    klinder Active Member

    So happy for Joe. He has earned this through paying his dues. Started out with travel ball, high school, small college, and now the MAC. Followed his passion, worked hard, treated people well, and did things the right way. Joe has always done a great job of instructing at my Aspire Higher camps due to his love of teaching the game. I hope he will continue working them. Wishing you much success at Toledo.
  16. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Thanks, Karen, that means a lot coming from you. And as long as you'll have me, I'll work the camps. I love working the camps.
  17. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Wow ... great to hear! Congratulations, Joe! While I feel a little badly for the Hillsdale current players and recruits who I know will miss you, I know they are still going to a great school. You know Joe, that many of us here in the Forum are your biggest supporters, and have been advocating for a long time you get that D1 job you so richly deserve. Your contributions to this Forum and to the radio show we did have been immense, and have always helped so much to educating many others. I hope you can still find a little time every once in a while and peek in here, and contribute. Best wishes and I am betting on good things for the Toledo program!!
  18. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    That is awesome and congratulations Joe! Well deserved!
  19. Congratz JoeA! Toledo is extremely lucky to get you. They couldn't have found a better coach and human being. Joe always takes times to talk with anyone that approaches him. He truly cares about the game in every aspect. He is also one of the hardest workers you will find. I saw him multiple times at tournaments this summer. The MAC better be scared. Congratz friend!

    -Brett Sadler
  20. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Thanks, guys. Jeff, thanks for the nice words. I still post here from time to time when it's just a softball thread and not tryout threads or bashing threads. Brett, thanks so much and it was good to see you this summer. I don't think anyone in the MAC or anywhere else is scared! I somehow have to get myself moved from Hillsdale before even thinking about trying to win a game or two in the MAC.

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