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    In an effort to hold the best tournaments possible and with the USFA being new to the state of Ohio we would appreciate any feedback to what features of a tournament make that event truly enjoyable for all to attend. Of course, cost is always a point of focus. The USFA Ohio will always strive to keep the lowest tournaments fees and gate fees in the area. However, the cost of running a tournament seems to get a little more expensive each year. We will continue to look for ways to improve our events.

    What I am asking each of you is to supply some sort of feedback or idea on features you would like to see at tournaments. This is from a coaches, player and of course the parents perspective.

    We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at our events this summer.

    -USFA Ohio State Director
  2. fastjay

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    here's a couple odd ones:

    -unique concessions (gyros, fried pickles or something of the like)
    -plentiful, close parking
    -pets allowed (i know you're at the mercy of the park)
    -2-man umpire crews
    -regular field maintenance/re-lining
    -outfield fences (temporary or permanent).

    hope this helps...

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    Awesome. Thank you!

    All of our events have close accessible parking that puts you very close to the entrance of the park. I know hauling chairs, coolers and equipment can be a pain and if you have grandparents or people that need assistance into the park it can make it a bit challenging. All of our games are two umpire crews with the exception of 8U and all fields have if not permanent, have at the very least temporary fencing. I know the girls love to have the HR fence and it gives the event a cleaner look.

    I really like the widened concession stand selection. I have been to a few events where the park has brought in someone who specializes in smoking pork and would sell pulled pork sandwiches with a few side options. It seemed to be a huge attraction and sure beats a boring old hot dog or cheeseburger.

    Again, thank you for your response. Hope to see you at one of our events this year. If so, stop by the directors table and say Hi!

    Anyone else??
  4. bman0303

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    I've always wondered if there was tournaments that had food trucks. I know I would eat more if the options were better. I know some communities have great food trucks. Might even get more people to come that don't usually watch softball. I loooove Smokin Bros. Food truck.(Mansfield area)
  5. Dawgsdad

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    Food trucks, if some can be found, is a great idea! We eat of the grill for about 12 weekends a spring/summer so something else would go over well. Pizza station or maybe look into what or where Fair's find their food trucks, wagons and trailers. I know our schedule is set for this season but I would be looking to see what we can do for the fall at MVP park.

    USFA_OHIO Moderator

    Thanks for the great feedback!

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