Tournaments not giving full Refunds due to COVID-19

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Rerun, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Will you as a team or organization return to a tournament in 2021 that didn’t give a full refund due to cancelled events or the uncertainty if they would even be able to play due to coronavirus?

    One other point I’ve also notice that a few teams have withdrawn from tournaments due to COVID and that one TD is keeping a $100 administration fee.
  2. wow

    wow Active Member

    Oh boy. This is a sensitive topic.

    the TDs are doing a lot right now to make things happen. If Covid causes a turney to be canceled how does the TD make up those incurred admin costs?
  3. FC2019

    FC2019 Member

    ya alot of them kept 100 dollars and had 200 teams in it
  4. jpkeating

    jpkeating Active Member

    Most TD do it for a living so this doesn’t suprize me
  5. Takedn2

    Takedn2 New Member

    How about tournaments that add extra fees at the last minute under the umbrella of paying for the extra Covid-19 guidelines, when it's really easy to see that they are just making up for missing out on parking fees.
  6. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think for the most part this whole process has been fair. I will give credit where credit is due. A lot of these Directors are on the phone all day trying to get a facility to let these girls play ball. Personally I know what it takes to run a tournament and the stress it is on someone. Add this whole COVID thing into the equation and I can only imagine some of them probably cant sleep at night. Bottom line we are back on the fields with our Athletes. I am thankful for every Director out there making moves to get these girls on the fields. At the end of the day Money comes and goes but the memories we make with these athletes and their families is priceless. You can't put a price on that. Just my 2 cents....
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  7. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Well-Known Member

    $500 tournament I’m OK taking up to $100 for a administration fees... I have no problem with it.
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  8. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    When you guys sign up for a tournament, with the long list of rules and regulations aren’t there refund policies listed? I’d have a real problem if an organization did something other than the policy that we agreed to. That is, essentially, a written contract.

    Are you saying that some tournaments are doing something other than what you signed up for, then just blaming it on “corona virus”?
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  9. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Some are Bret but it’s just money. Most of us understand they have time involved and time is a valuable thing. At least to me it is. I can’t get time back. Money it comes and goes. Some need it more than others. Bottom line we all should be thankful these Directors made it happen. Our Athletes are on the fields every weekend and if these Directors didn’t make this happen it would of been a bummer summer for ALL. Keeping a few bucks here and there is completely understandable as some of these guys do Tournaments as their full time job. 2.5 months ago I had a different outlook on this but I have reflected and put myself in their shoes. If I have time involved and other stuff it’s fair to keep a fee. Now most are making it up to us by making sure they hold tournaments the rest of the summer.

    If someone doesn’t want to play a TDs tournament that’s their choice. There’s plenty out there now. Be thankful these kids get to shine this summer!

    Play Ball!!!
  10. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    Trying to think of other areas in life where you can have a contract with somebody, then they can just arbitrarily change the terms of the contract because their expenses were higher than they estimated when you signed the contract...not coming up with anything...
  11. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am so glad we are back to playing!!!
    But this was a once in a (Hopefully) lifetime thing with this pandemic!!!
    Things were shutdown in mid March - we were all made aware that chances were slim that we would be playing. No one should have been out any costs, other than time! My time is valuable to me, but I feel that building and keeping trust with teams that I want to return to my events when allowed is way more important! Balls & Trophies could be stored and used later - so no one was out anything, Yet many chose to be greedy and kept money that totaled between $9,000 - $15,000 for a weekend of doing nothing. That isn't recouping expenses - that is stealing!!!
    Now if an event gets rained out next week - you should follow the established refund guidelines! But keeping $$$ from teams due to Covid-19 Cancellations - NOT RIGHT!!!
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  12. Davemy

    Davemy Active Member

    You know what's great about softball is there are choices. Coaches, Teams, Organizations, and Tournaments! In the 32 years of Aunt Rosie's I never thought I would need a Pandemic refund policy. We kept $30.00 to $45.00 per team for expenses that were charged to us by our bank for credit card fees and our registration process. The rest we returned. NOT ONE COACH HAD A PROBLEM WITH THIS! Anyone that does please do not register for our Tournament next year. Our Tournament will be just fine.
    One other thing, I have never worked so hard this year to keep this Tournament running. To all the volunteer TD's out there you are the BEST!

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