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  1. Thinking earlier today of towns that are big enough and have enough fields to host tournaments that don't. These are local to me that I can think of. Wondering if there are other towns also.

  2. Captain_Thunder

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    Unfortunately many cities, towns, etc. are more interested in making money than allowing the public to use the fields.
    Our hometown wants so much $$$ to use the local fields that they would be the only ones making money.......
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  3. Louuuuu

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    ... Or the mayors of these towns don't want their tournament picked apart on OFC if it would rain that weekend :rolleyes:
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  4. howardj

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    Mansfield would be an ideal spot, 1 hour from Columbus, Cleveland & Arkron/Canton. But I am not aware of any facilities that can host a big volume. From what I understand, Cyclops is not what it used to be when it was privatley owned. I am not sure if anyone even plays there anymore and driving by it looks pretty run down. It was a premier 4 diamond complex years ago when men's slowpitch was thriving. Nothing else in Mansfield even comes close...Hamilton Park has 2 diamonds for mens leagues. Last time I was at Liberty Park the fields were covered with broken beer bottles. Sterkle is a beautiful 5 diamond complex but 3 of those infields have grass. Madison also has a great 4 diamond complex but 3 of those infields are grass.

    Ontario hosts a big Rec All Star tournament the last weekend in July. 24 teams play on 5 fields, but that is split between 2 different parks.

    Ashland Brookside seems to be the best suited area spot with no youth tourneys. Galion's Peco Park could do it too.
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    Hamilton has some great fields, especially North End Fields but it seems no one attempts to come down for the multiple tournaments trying to be held recently. Im not sure why, unless no one has never heard of or never been there and believe it would be a waste of time. NSA and Mike Craig have tried and keep trying and if they start getting the teams show up, it could be something special.
  6. Jerry Lauer and his staff at North End have to be one of the better parks and rec staffs when it comes to running and maintaining a complex for youth events. I worked out details to have them touch up fields every couple of game slots with a complete recondition on Saturday around midday and right before finals on Sunday. They touched them up every game slot and if they seen a field empty for more than about 5 minutes, they completely redid them. They were staffed adequately and could get a field completely done in less than 5 minutes.

    What other parks are close by there and are they part of Hamilton's Parks and Rec Dept? If the South state keeps getting interest, we may need some overflow and would like to be prepared for that.
  7. Dawgsdad

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    I agree with all your comments about the park. I know that place well. If only teams would come and experience the area, it may well be something that is popular. Just not sure why the lack of interest as in comparison to other parks.

    With multiple fields and in quality condition with facilities? Fairfield Water Works Park. I have tried to start something there in the travel level but it keeps falling on deaf ears. Long story but even sent them a detailed outline for setting it up and the potential costs. Funny thing. They hosted the Babe Ruth Regional Qualifier this past summer for the first time. Waterworks facility was praised for the nicest non National event with 8 fields out of 11 being playable. During the tournament the director and staff of the Babe Ruth league were questioning the board members about why the area talent here is so weak with such nice facilities? Basically everything my friend and I have been saying for a couple years. I believe they have seen what is out there for girls fastpitch and maybe someone like you, Mike Craig can convince them of the possibilities.
  8. Lester

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    comes down to private vs city parks in many regards and in most areas. And the city parks had better step it up to be an option. Cincy parks are bad in comparison, lately... Only one that is close to resembling a decent park is Expressway or River Star but if you run late the beer leagues will trample the travel ballers. The city parks we visit are top line and best suited for the town to make the $. Cincy has some work to do and until they do, irrelevant they will be and quite honestly probably still ok with average at best. Its the Bengals fault (or republicans). Ha.
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    Hey, I heard that Tealtown has some fields....

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    Not many left on here that remember that, lol
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    Do they still only have 2 people to work on all those fields lol
  12. I for sure remember that famous weekend!
  13. Maybe 2 to 4 on the field but expect up to 15 in the concession stands! lol
  14. Lester

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    that famous weekend... with helicopters and all... we were playing at Expressway. Sad sad weekend that was. Was cool to see so many teams lurking to watch some ball when they so wanted to be going at each other. Teal Town was an NSA Killer in the Cincy area that weekend and beyond.
  15. Kenneth D Spencer

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    Interested in hosting tournament in Ontario? Give me a call @ 419-566-8072
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    It was great to have The Mentor Big Red Blast back. Although warmup space is at a premium there, the shade makes it a unique and enjoyable tournament for parents and spectators. And the folks at Big Red did an excellent job of running it
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    In Ashland, the Black Widows host a couple of tournaments every summer. Norwalk is heavy into the boys leagues and there really isn't a girls travel team in the area.

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