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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by eddienite, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. eddienite

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    So after reading this forum for many years, we now have to make the difficult decision as to what team to choose.

    Short story goes like this: Daughter tried out for 2 really good 14U teams and was offered by both. 1 has name recognition through out the state and probably in surrounding states, the other is really good and coached by some great coaches. I have followed this team for a couple of years and the named organization team is relativity new ( this was first year under the organization) but also had a very good season. Both only needing 1 or 2 additional players.

    Everyone tells me, including hitting and pitching instructors, that the organization name opens the door. I have read it many times here over the years. But with 1 year left at 14U and then the crucial years at 16U, I ask any of you what you think? This is probably the same old topic of it depends on the coach vs Org.

    But for those that have been through it ( the college recruiting process at D1 schools) does the name really make that much of a difference?
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    Learned from experience that teams in need of just 1 or 2 in most cases translates to a solid existing core group that is tough to break into for playing time.
    This is also sometimes the cases with the larger org. The ? you need to ask is will you & DD be satisfied winning with reduced playing time or would it be a better fit with a Team that she will have a larger role & possibly not as many wins. We went the latter until the critical years upcoming (i.e. Jr. Sr.) when colleges can reach out to them.
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  3. Farmdad

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    Love this question because it really can apply to all ages and ability levels. The majority of people that I've seen responding to this type of question say, "always play will learn more and develop more as a player when you have to compete against better talent." I tend to disagree, especially if your dd (any dd, not yours specifically) could benefit with more game reps. I like jt7663's answer especially when considering fit and having a larger role in games. Good luck and congrats to your dd for getting the two offers...not a bad problem to have!
  4. google1

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    Doesn't matter the name of the organization. If your daughter has skills and she does the work to reach out to college coaches, they'll come see her regardless of what team she plays for. Yes, the organization name will get the team into certain tournaments but even if you are playing in those events, if your daughter doesn't do her work (letting the college coaches know who she is and where she is playing) it won't matter. There is a huge misconception of... I'm gonna play for "this" organization because they'll get my daughter recruited. That's wrong... the only people that will get your daughter recruited is herself! So my opinion is... it doesn't matter. If she's good enough and does what she's suppose to do... they'll come see her!
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    Honestly, you cannot get an accurate answer without first knowing what the college aspirations are. The name of the travel org. definitely does matter to a varying degree, as the road to The Ohio State University is different than the road to Ohio University, and certainly different than the road to, say, Ohio Northern University.

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