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    With tryouts underway for next year's teams, I was looking for ideas for additional drills to use during tryouts other than the standards of timed base running, fielding grounders/fly balls and hitting off the machine. Anyone have any good drills that they really like to use during tryouts? Thanks
  2. Depending on the number of kids, I always like to do a drill that I have to explain to the players. Like maybe a footwork drill or the outfield relay drill? I want to see how coachable a kid is or how they accept my instruction. If they roll eyes, show poor body language, or look at mom and dad, they might as well get back in the car.
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    How much help do you have?
    We had all coaches from the organization participate during our tryout events that had large numbers in each age groups. I would make sure you have drills that challenges the players.

    We did around the horn after some warm up hits at third. This infield drill required the ladies to throw from multiple angles and distances, It also required side to side movement and diving all out effort to get the ball.
    Outfield drills were done with a machine. (For younger ages under 12 you may want to hit). The ladies started in the center of a triangle and had to field a volley of 4 balls requiring ladies to drop back, slide in and side to side tracking.
    Running and teamwork drills can include the throwing home to home drill (or 4 corner drill) first base then third base to see how the ladies use their feet and move to the ball.
    A similar drill is used in the outfield with 5 ladies in a line and you watch the foot work and arm strength /accuracy.
    There are also some soft hand drills where you roll balls at the ladies lined up in front of third and the lady has to flip or side arm throw to first.

    Coach Les or Kavin may have video out there of the drills...
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