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Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by softballmom7, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Given tryouts were this past weekend for many organizations, what is an appropriate time frame for coaches to make contact with the girls to let them know if they made the team or not? As a parent I don't want to seem pushy on contacting/following up with the coach if enough time hasn't been allotted.
  2. wow

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    Coaches usually make contact, of some sort, at the try out. Unless a coach specifically tells you a time frame you have to assume there is little intrest. Is it appropriate to follow up on a 1st choice team sure. But with so many girls trying out I am not sure how every coach can follow up with a offer/ decline. There is also the perverbal wait it out for something better. Patents and coaches Both play it.. So you may get a call in a week..
  3. softballmom7

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    Thank you for the advice. We have been in contact with a coach for the last several months and a position with the team seemed very promising, however I'm beginning to think differently.
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    Just a word of caution more in response to wow's post ... not all coaches talk to those they are interested in at the tryout. Think about the logistics ... say 20 players and their parents are ... coaches are putting the players through a variety of activities ... maybe pitchers and catchers are staying later ... coaches haven't had a chance to talk with each other and compare notes ... maybe they don't feel comfortable pulling 1/2 or 1/4 of the players aside and making them offers while the others wonder why they didn't get talked to or assume the worst ... maybe there are 12 people the coaches really like but there is another tryout scheduled in a week ... maybe they have one pitcher returning and another they just made an offer to, and they really liked your daughter but you are not going to be happy with your DD being a #3 and the coaches have given that other pitcher 2 more days to answer.

    The point is there are all kinds of reasons that coaches may not make offers at tryouts and you shouldn't assume the worst.

    Give them at least a few days to sort through things ... if you have another offer that you owe an answer on, let the coaches know and they might be able to expedite their decision or at least let you know where things stand.

    Now as for your situation, softballmom, with "several months" ... that's a whole other thing ... they owed you an answer before this whole tryout season got started ... give them a call by all means, but assume they are going to tell you they're not interested ...
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    If you don't know after several months of contact then move on. Sometimes coaches string players along hoping someone better will come along. It could also be the case of the coach not wanting to say no so they are avoiding a straight answer. Either way keep taking daughter to try outs. Lots of teams are looking.

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