Tryout Season is here dos and dont's for Parents

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Hilliarddad3, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Parents, tryouts are not about you, but rather your child, some things for you to ponder....

    1- Pack what she will need including plenty of drinks as some are over two hrs in the heat.
    2- Does she have all her equipment? Everything? Double check with her before you start your trek
    3- When you arive it's her tryout, not yours, let her talk, you listen unless you have questions during parent Q/A, otherwise, be invisible.
    4- If a coach asks for parents to shag balls, or whatever, raise your hand! The season is long for the families that make it and you truly do become a family with those folks, all help is always welcomed, but only if asked....
    5- Don't talk to your DD on the field during it at all, smile at her only, even when she misses the ball or trips or whatever because you will be the first face she seeks out!
    6- Don't cringe when she messes up, you never know who's watching the parents behavior...
    7- She carries her own stuff!!!!
    8- make sure she cheers the other girls on, even if she herself is doing bad, coaches know kids will have a bad tryout, but a bad attitude is worse!!

    Worse case she doesn't make that team, there are more to try, or even come back another day for the same team if you like, nothing wrong with that and it's encouraged, but remember Be invisible!!!!

    Remember it's only a game..... Keep that front and center of the mind......
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    great advice Hilliarddad3.
    it was nice to hear the girls cheering each other at tryouts this weekend like they had been life long teammates.
    good sportsmanship is certainly not dead in fastpitch!
  3. I can tell you that at our tryouts this past Sunday it was awesome to hear the players cheering each other on, making them feel better when they bobbled a ball or got under a few pitches in a row.
    It was a sight to behold!

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