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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by Wolfepack0893, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Wolfepack0893

    Wolfepack0893 New Member

    My daughters team maybe in jeopardy of folding. Her coach retired a few weeks ago and we are still waiting for the new coach and or the club to contact us.
  2. DiamondChix

    DiamondChix New Member

    Have a 16u diamond chix team that could use a sub a few weekends, potentially a full time player! Email holly phillihe@gmail.com
  3. Wolfepack0893

    Wolfepack0893 New Member

    Thank you for reaching out however we would be coming from Cincinnati and a permanent spot would not realistic for us. Helping out with a tournament we might be able to swing
  4. DiamondChix

    DiamondChix New Member

    What position does she play?! We have 2 Columbus tournaments : GAPPS (July 5-7) and the Ohio World Series (July 12-14) we are looking for subs for!
  5. Wolfepack0893

    Wolfepack0893 New Member

    For high school she plays 2nd but can play any infield position along with catcher and pitcher.
  6. DiamondChix

    DiamondChix New Member

  7. GloryCoach/fan

    GloryCoach/fan New Member

    Text me please , we are looking for a sub on June 22 and 23 in Beavercreek . 740 689 5162. For starters and maybe more .
  8. dalemurphy3

    dalemurphy3 Member

    I'd be looking for a Catcher this weekend at the OFC Heat tourney. Contact 937-307-9485

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