USA Sofball (ASA) no need to qualify?

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  1. coachtomv

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    Off the ASA website:

    “Beginning with the 2019 Championship Season, USA Softball will no longer conduct National Qualifiers in the girls' fast pitch Class A division for the following National Championship Finals: 10-Under East, 10-Under West, 12-Under, 14-Under, 16-Under and 18-Under.”

    So, you just sign up? Trying to get more info. If anyone else has clarification, please respond here. Thanks.

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  2. JoeA1010

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    When ASA failed to compromise with the PGF people and failed to take serious the issues that people had with its Gold Nationals and A Nationals 10 years ago, ASA effectively yielded the top level of softball to PGF. PGF is the only organization today where qualifying is important. The ASA/USA events like J.O. Cup are good and worthwhile for college recruiting, but I know I haven't been to an ASA Nationals in probably four years.
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  3. flygirlsdad

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    I dont think you ever had to qualify for regional nationals. If they remove qualifying for A Nationals I think that will hurt some local tournaments. PGF looks like they are drawing more middle of the road teams and have a large field. I think the ASA issue is that they spread themselves too thin with basically 3 A level nationals.
  4. BA824

    BA824 Active Member

    Years ago there were only so many spots to A Nationals based on how many sanction teams the state had. Then the Metro associations had a spot each. These spots were all assigned to certain tournaments. So now is the a certain number or can as many that want to go can go? I still see tournaments like Sheer Madness offering berths to winner.
  5. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    Basically you pay your money - You are In!
    I don't think a lot of people in Ohio realize how many other states have USA way down on what they play.
    A lot of this has happened just in the last couple of years. In 2016, my 18U team played at USA Nationals. We finished 17th out of 80 teams and we're very proud of that!
    Between 18U, 16U, & 14U - there was 258 teams playing USA Nationals.
    3 years later in 2019 in 18U, 16U, & 14U - there was 138 teams playing. Almost cut in half in just 3 years....
    Think that says why they are now open to everyone without a berth....
  6. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    The territory nationals like easterns and such have never had big numbers as far as teams go. It makes sense to offer it up to any team that is sanctioned ASA, as the days of at least 5 different ENQ Tournaments being held around the state on any given weekend are over.. ASA should just be happy that TDs are sanctioning their tournaments with them. If it wasn't for the umpires, there would be no need to sanction unless you were hosting an ASA/USA Qualifier.

    I was shocked looking at 12u ASA/USA Nats this year that only 32 teams were in that tournament. In 2013 when my Thunder Elite '00 finished 5th, there were 100 teams in the 12U age group in Chattanooga.
  7. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    Not sure you are getting what is written. There really has been no need for an ENQ for some time, as all you have needed to do for several years was just let your Comish know you wanted to go.
    This is saying that for All the USA National Tournaments have No Need for Qualifying. Only the Gold would need to qualify now...
  8. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    Welcome to the USA Softball National/Regional Qualifier Section!

    Beginning with the 2019 Championship Season, USA Softball will no longer conduct National Qualifiers in the girls' fast pitch Class A division for the following National Championship Finals: 10-Under East, 10-Under West, 12-Under, 14-Under, 16-Under and 18-Under.

    According to USA Softball Code, Article 314 H, all teams are eligible to qualify for the USA Softball Class A Fast Pitch National Championship Finals through their state/metro association. For the GOLD National Championships, teams must still qualify through Regional Qualifiers, which can be found at

    To find out how your team can earn a berth to a USA Softball National Championship Final, please contact your Local Association Commissioner or Junior Olympic (JO) Commissioner.
  9. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    2020 ASA/USA National Championships

    18U - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    16U - Chattanooga, TN
    14U - Salem, VA
    12U - Camarillo, CA
    10U - nothing yet posted
  10. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    I always thought "qualifying" simply meant your check cleared.
  11. BA824

    BA824 Active Member

    We were in Chattanooga that year as well. Remember it well 100 teams at 12u and was a who’s who list of teams
  12. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    PGF Nationals in Huntington Beach, CA
    Week One
    18U Premier - 76 teams (one team from Ohio)
    18U Platinum - 90 teams (one team from Ohio)
    16U Premier - 80 teams (one from Ohio)
    16U Platinum - 90 teams (two teams from Ohio)
    Week Two
    14U Premier - 80 teams (one team from Ohio)
    14U Platinum - 80 teams (none from Ohio)
    12U Premier - 72 teams (none from Ohio)
    12U Platinum - 32 teams (none from Ohio)
    10U Premier - 47 teams (none from Ohio)

    ASA Junior Cup in Spartansburg, SC
    18U - 29 teams (one from Ohio)
    16U - 33 teams (three from Ohio)
    14U - 28 teams (one from Ohio)

    ASA/USA 18U in Birmingham, AL 16U in Salem, VA 14U in Roseville, CA 12U in Normal, IL 10U no tournament that I could find
    18U - 34 teams (three from Ohio)
    16U - 58 teams (two from Ohio)
    14U - 46 teams (none from Ohio)
    12U - 32 teams (three from Ohio)
  13. BA824

    BA824 Active Member

    So I’m just moving back down for 3rd time and will be at 12u this season. Looking at your lists there is a total of 3 Ohio teams at 12u. So where did everyone play to end season?
  14. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Most teams in Ohio played in Myrtle Beach, or the PGF or ASA Regional events at the end of the year.
  15. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    Only 3 Ohio teams went to ASA/USA Nationals
  16. tshepherd

    tshepherd Member

    Tried to explain this to the USA reps at JO Cup this year. Your only allowing 32 teams in so how does 2 teams from same org and age group get in? If it’s supposed to be the top teams in each region then have a regional qualifier and give 1 berth to that region. Reason they can’t set this stuff (biggest issue) is they don’t know well enough in advance where there even going to hold events. As most teams go they have already paid for fall events and are starting to sign up for summer already. They don’t give you enough info to set a schedule mostly since teams do the same things every year because they know what there getting. Gold Nationals a few years back we’re suppose to in Oklahoma City every year never happened. PGF you can count on same dates every year just the way it is. If you’ve been around long enough you’ve seen this all evolve in the last couple years. It’s all about bang for your buck especially now when it comes to nationals because they start basically second week of July.
  17. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    ASA Eastern Nationals
    10U Johnson City, TN
    23 teams with five from Ohio

    12U Fairfield, OH
    7 teams with all seven from Ohio

    14U Sterling, VA
    20 teams with seven from Ohio

    16U Richmond, VA
    21 teams with six from Ohio

    18U Berlin, MD
    27 teams with one from Ohio

    ASA Gold Plano, TX
    16U - 37 teams with none from Ohio
    18U - 34 teams with none from Ohio

    Triple Crown Sports in Myrtle Beach, SC
    12U - 16 teams with none from Ohio
    14U - 52 teams with five from Ohio
    16U - 88 teams with six from Ohio
    18U - 93 teams with five from Ohio

    Looks like Huntington Beach, CA and Myrtle Beach, SC are the ones drawing teams from any type of Nationals. ASA better wake up and fix what ails them or soon they will be in a world of hurt.
  18. Run26

    Run26 Active Member


    This is surprising to me considering all the "GOLD" teams we have these days in Ohio ;)

    ASA Gold Plano, TX
    16U - 37 teams with none from Ohio
    18U - 34 teams with none from Ohio
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  19. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    With all the talk of Nationals, where is everyone planning on going next year? Will it be PGF, JO Cup, USSSA, ASA/USA, ASA Regional (I think they will be done with these), Triple Crown Sports or something else.
    What organizations and age groups are going to go to what year end National?

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