USSSA - 2019 season starts on August 1, 2018.

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  1. The USSSA 2019 Season Begins August 1, 2018.

    You will need to register a new team for the 2019 season in order to play in any event scheduled after August 1, 2018.

    To register for the 2019 season, click here: USSSA Team Registration Info.

    If you have an existing team you will log-in with your current Manager ID and Password. If you do not have a Manager ID and Password you will need to create one. Teams do not carry over from season to season, so you will need to create a new one for the season.

    To purchase team insurance, you can click here: USSSA Team Insurance Information. You need to have your 2019 registration number to purchase team insurance. Also keep in mind that USSSA Insurance offers group discounts. If you have 4 or more teams, that qualifies for a discount. Contact USSSA Insurance at for more details.

    Remember, your player's age as of Dec 31, 2018 will be her playing age for the 2019 season.

    USSSA also offers Odd Year Classifications. These are 9u, 11u, 13u, & 15u age groups. There is also a Great Lakes National Championship for these age groups in Harrison, OH the week of July 16-21, 2019. To qualify as Odd Year for 2019, all of the girls must have the following birthdates or younger:

    9u = 2009
    11u = 2007
    13u = 2005
    15u = 2003

    USSSA Odd Year teams are eligible to play in their traditional even year age groups still. Also younger teams can play up when an Odd Year division is offered. Example a 12u team wants to play in a 13u only age group. For Guest players, Odd Year teams can pick up players for the age group they are playing. Example a 13u team is playing traditional 14u and needs a guest. They can use an 2004 player for that event and other traditional 14u events. They could not use that player for a TRUE 13u age bracket as they would have to 2005 or younger. Ohio USSSA will offer a couple of events with 9u/11u/13u/15u age groups. If the turn out is low for these age groups, they will be combined into their traditional age groups.

    To view our 2019 schedule go to Ohio USSSA 2019 Tournament Schedule

    If anyone has any questions please e-mail or call me: or 614-895-2253


    Mike Craig
    Ohio USSSA State Director
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