Central/East OH USSSA USSSA - April 28-29, 2018 - Cap City "Angels-for-Autism" former Rustbuster - Hoback Park - Heath

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  1. 3rd Annual Ohio USSSA - Cap City "Angels-for-Autism" (Rust Buster) - April 28-29, 2018:
    USSSA - 2018 National Championship Qualifier (NCQ)
    Hoback Park - Heath 43011.
    Preferred format for all age groups is 3 games seeding into S/E bracket play.
    There is a $5 per person gate fee for this one.
    Age Groups offered: 10u-open & 12u-open.

    April is National Autism Awareness month. USSSA has a national campaign to raise awareness for the special challenges that Autism can present. Here is our website detailing this special program: USSSA Angels-for-Autism website.

    This event along with the Mid Ohio event in Marion on April 21-22 will partner with the Autism Society of central Ohio to help promote Autism Awareness. The Central Ohio Rust Buster will be tabled for right now.

    USSSA - 2018 qualifying event open to 8u-cp, 9/10u, 11/12u teams. National Berths for the top 2 teams and also highest placing "odd year" team if not qualified (9u or 11u). National Championships locations are listed here: 2018 USSSA National Championships link.

    USSSA does offer "odd year" age classes. Teams that classify as odd year (9/11/13/15) must have all girls with the same birth year or younger. This year the USSSA Great Lakes Division "Odd Year" National Championships are in Dayton, OH the week of July 18-22, 2018. Info here: Great Lakes "Odd Year" National Championships.

    Entry fee is $399 for 10/12u & $315 for 8u-cp. All teams must be registered with USSSA. If team is not USSSA registered: Please click here to register your team for 2018: USSSA Team Registration Info.
    No team will be accepted unless your team has registered online.

    Teams can enter online with their USSSA registration number by clicking here: 3rd Annual - Cap City "Angels-for-Autism".
    Teams can also enter by downloading this form and filling in and mailing to the state office: Ohio USSSA - Tournament Registration Form.
    Click here for a listing of Ohio USSSA 2018 events: 2018 Ohio USSSA - Schedule of Events.

    For more information please contact USSSA State director Mike Craig at 614-895-2253 or mike.craig@ohusssafp.org


    1. Ohio Lady Beez
    2. Southern Ohio Force 08
    3. Ohio Storm 08
    4. New Albany 10u Travel Softball
    5. Ohio Starz 07
    6. Big Walnut Eagles
    7. MOV Pride 07
    8. Central Ohio Ice 07
    9. Ohio Scarlet & Gray
    10. Ohio Hawks 10u - Emswiler
    11. Ohio Stingrays 08
    12. Ohio Classics 07
    13. Ohio Storm 07
    14. Ohio Thunder 007
    15. Ohio USSSA Pride Navy
    16. Diamond Express 08

    1. Ohio Starz 06
    2. Ohio Storm 06
    3. Ohio Classics 06
    4. Xtreme 06
    5. Southern Ohio Force 06
    6. LC Lightning Blue
    7. Lasers Silver
    8. Ohio Lasers Teal
    9. Central Ohio Ice 05
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  2. Added New Albany 10u Travel Softball & Ohio Starz 07 to the 10u division. Welcome to the event!
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  3. Added Ohio Lasers Teal to the 12u. Welcome to the event!
  4. Added MOV Pride 07 & 08 to the 10u. Welcome to the event!
  5. Added Ohio Hawks 10u-Emswiler to the event. Welcome!
  6. Added Ohio Stingrays 08 to the 10u. Welcome to the event!
  7. Added Ohio Classics 07 to the 10u. Welcome!
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    Please add Central Ohio Pride 09 to 8u. Thanks
  9. Added Central Ohio Pride 09 to the list pending online USSSA registration. Please register your team with USSSA.
  10. Added Ohio Storm 07 and Big Walnut Eagles to the 10u and opened up the 10u list to 16 teams. Please contact me or sign up online to hold your spot.

    Also added Mt. Vernon Mayhem to the 8u. Welcome to all!
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  11. Added Ohio Thunder 07 to the 10u. Welcome!
  12. Added Ohio USSSA Pride Nave to the 10u. Only one more spot in 10u available.
  13. Added Southern Ohio Force 08 to the 10u. Welcome!
  14. Captain_Thunder

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    They are now on the list twice......
  15. Thanks. They must have resigned up for the event as I got an email today adding them to the team list. Strange.

    We can take one more 10u team and then we are closed out in 10u.
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  16. Added Central Ohio Ice 07 to the 10u and Central Ohio Ice 05 to the 12u wait list. We are full in this one and teams need to start paying entry fees as this event is less than 60 days away.
  17. We are looking for one more team in the 10u. Don't wait, enter today!

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