USSSA - July 27-29, 2018 - Bownet/Cap City Appreciation Event - Whitehall & Heath, OH

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  1. 2nd Annual Ohio USSSA - Cap City "Appreciation Tournament sponsored by Bownet" - July 27-29, 2018:
    USSSA - 2019 National Championship Qualifier (NCQ)
    Hoback Park - Heath 43011 for 14u/16u & John Bishop Park-Whitehall for 8u/10u/12u teams
    Preferred format for all age groups is 3 games seeding into S/E bracket play.
    There is a $5 per person gate fee for this one.
    Age Groups offered: 8u-cp/10u/12u/14u/16u.

    USSSA - 2019 National Qualifier - This event will award berths for the 2019 Nationals. The 2019 dates will be announced Sept 1, 2018. Teams must retain 75% of their roster to earn the berth. We also do some other items like raffles for free events, bats, and other Bownet equipment.

    Entry fee is $399 for 10u/12u/14u/16u & $315 for 8u-cp. All teams must be registered with USSSA. If team is not USSSA registered: Please click here to register your team for 2018: USSSA Team Registration Info.
    No team will be accepted unless your team has registered online.

    Teams can enter online with their USSSA registration number by clicking here: Cap City/Bownet Team Appreciation Event.
    Teams can also enter by downloading this form and filling in and mailing to the state office: Ohio USSSA - Tournament Registration Form.
    Click here for a listing of Ohio USSSA 2018 events: 2018 Ohio USSSA - Schedule of Events.

    For more information please contact USSSA State director Mike Craig at 614-895-2253 or

    1. High Voltage 03
    2. Ohio Knockouts 03
    3. Ohio Storm 04
    4. GC Vipers Fastpitch
    5. LC Thunder 03 - Smith
    6. Ohio Tigers
    7. Ohio Stampede - Murphy
    8. Lady Barracudas
    9. Lady Beez 14u
    10. Xtreme 03
    11. Lightning 05
    12. Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum (12u)

    1. Mid-Ohio Lady Bullets 14u
    2. Valley Force 01
    3. Vikings Elite 01
    4. Lady Barracudas
    5. USSSA Pride/Valley Force
    6. LC Thunder 01
    7. Raymond Rapture 16's
    8. Firecrackers OH - Brown
    9. Muskie Chix 15u -Wagner
    10. KAOS FP - 02 Camo

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  2. updated current team listing
  3. Added Valley Force 01 to the 16u. Welcome!
  4. Added Vikings Elite 01 to the 16u & LC Thunder 03 - Smith to the 14u. Welcome!
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  5. Added Ohio Tigers to the 14u and Lady Barracudas to the 10u. Welcome!
  6. Added Pride/Valley Force 02 to the 16u. Welcome!
  7. Added Ohio Stampede - Murphy to the 14u. Welcome!
  8. Added Raymond Rapture 16's to the event. Welcome!
  9. Added Michigan Generals to the 12u. Welcome!
  10. Added Lady Barracudas to the 14u. Welcome!
  11. Beez05

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    Please add lady Beez to 12u
  12. You will want to go in online and sign up for the event: Teams can enter online with their USSSA registration number by clicking here: Cap City/Bownet Team Appreciation Event.
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    Please add Ohio Lady Beez 14u. Thanks
  14. You will want to go in and sign up online. That will hold your spot. Follow the links to do this please
  15. Added Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum Elite 12u to the event. Welcome!
  16. Added Xtreme 03 to the 14u. Welcome!
  17. Added Vikings Elite to the 10u. Welcome!
  18. Updated team listing. Should be a good one
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    Where can we find the 10U team list?
  20. 10u was dropped a month ago. Coaches were notified via e-mail that this was occurring.

    I would suggest you contact your coach for more details.

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