USSSA -June 1-2, 2019 - Mid-Ohio Buckeye Cup B/C Teams - RVBFY - Marion, OH

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  1. Added Cap City Force 14u - Ringhiser to 14uC. Welcome!
  2. Added NWO Lady Buckeyes - Basham to the 14u-B waiting list.
  3. Added Mid-Ohio Bullets 06 to the 12u. Welcome!
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  4. Freeze Mizer

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    An 06 team in the 10u C division??? That should be interesting!!!:):)
  5. Good catch. I put the wrong age designation after the team name.

    It is good that someone reads this stuff. Keeps me on my toes! :)
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  6. (49) Added Ohio Fusion 03 to the 16u.

    We are able to start on Friday evening so we were able to add more spots to the event in 16u (12 teams max), 14u-B (12 teams max), 14u-C (12 teams max), and 12u-C (14 teams max).

    Sign up online to reserve a spot today!
  7. (52) Added Mid Ohio Freeze to 12u-C and moved NWO Lady Buckeyes-Basham and Lake Erie Warhawks from WL status to 14u-B. Welcome to all so far!
  8. (54) Added West Liberty Force to the 16u. Welcome!
  9. (55) Added Mid-Ohio Freeze 14u to the 14u-C division. Welcome!
  10. (56) Added Legacy 02 to the 16u. Welcome!
  11. (58) Added Dirty Diamonds to the 12u-C & Central Ohio Pride 08 to the 10u. Welcome!

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