Central/East OH USSSA USSSA - May 25-27, 2018 - 2nd Annual Ohio USSSA Wins-for-Warriors - GS Leg 2 - JBP - Whitehall

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  1. Added Muskie Chix to the 14u - C. We can take one more C team for 14u. Contact my office for details.
  2. We can take one more team in both 12u B & C along with 14u B & C. Contact my office or sign up online today!
  3. Added Bo Jackson Blast to the 12u-B. Welcome!
  4. Corrected team listing. Ohio Storm 04 was entered in Milford instead of Whitehall. Luckily we had a 14u spot for them...:)
  5. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    Can anyone fill me in on how the 14u B finals ended up? We were part of a marathon game with LC thunder 03. Was hoping to see they had gone on to win after the girls played a hard game leading up to it.

    I logged into the USSSA site for results but couldn’t really get an idea of what went down.
  6. Co-champs declared due to darkness. New Albany and Ohio Ice shared the title.
  7. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    Thank you. I saw a tie listed for New Albany and LC Thunder, and Ice listed in 1 in the results page, but nobody in bracket listed as winner and couldn't determine what happened.

    Congratulations to the teams.

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