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  1. Here is a description of USSSA Structure:

    USSSA Qualifying and Point Structure:

    National Championship Qualifier (NCQ): Tournaments where the winner and runner-up pick up direct National/World berths. Events with more than 8 teams in an age group award additional berths. There are "pass down" berths. These are awarded when a team in a qualifying position has earned a berth already. Note that pass-down berths will not be offered unless the team in that position has a winning record for the weekend. All tournaments that Ohio USSSA offers will be National Championship Qualifiers. The format can vary in these events from straight pool play to single-elimination qualifying.

    Postseason Events:

    These are events classified as State (ST), National Invitational Tournament (NIT), National Championship (NC), & World Series (WS). Typically these are scheduled as some sort of 2 pool or 3 pool with a double-elimination format.

    At-Large National Berths:
    USSSA does offer National berths for teams that participate in our programs. We assign a point value to tournaments with one (1) point for National qualifiers, two (2) for NIT's & Showcases, and three (3) for State tournaments. Any team that plays tournaments that equal out to 5 points, can attend a National with an at-large berth.

    National and State Point Structure:
    USSSA awards teams with points that are based on order of finish in tournaments. These are calculated on the national USSSA website. Postseason events offer substantially more points based on the type of tournament offered. Postseason events like NIT's offer triple points. Some select events may be classified as state level 2 events. There are slightly more points awarded at these events. The point system is used to seed teams in many state programs postseason events including National Championships and/or World Series. This is a way to reward teams that play more with USSSA. Teams also have the option to play up an age group for double points. There are also 2 weekends designated as double-point weekends. This means any event held on either of those 2 weekends will earn a team double their finishing position points. This year in Central/Southern Ohio those weekends are May 19-21 and June 9-11. Any event in Ohio that weekend will award Double National points. Play up those weekends and get 4x points! Click here for more USSSA Point Structure.

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