Non-Sanctioned Tourney Valley Extreme Haunted Trail Classic (10/18/20 - 10/20/20)

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    1. Where: Candlelight Knolls & Champion Athletic Club in Warren Ohio (CAC will be used if needed).

    Amenities: 11 total fields, (2) fields with lights, (4) fields with tarps, concession stands , ample parking, close to freeways and dining.

    Field Info:

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    Tournament Info:

    Dates: 10/18 - 10/20 (Friday evening games if needed)

    Entry Fee: $375
    Contact TD for discounts on multiple teams entering from the same organization.

    o 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u & 18u

    o 1 Umpire for all pool games

    o 2 Umpires for all Championship games

    o Unsanctioned Tournament using modified ASA rules

    o 4 game guarantee - 3 pool play into elimination bracket play

    o Pool play and bracket games will have a 75 minute finish the inning time limit with official clock with umpire

    o All Championship games will be 7 innings with no time limit

    o Bracket placement based on Pool Play performance

    o Can bat the roster all weekend with free defensive substitutions

    o Courtesy runners for Pitcher & Catcher allowed all weekend.

    o Pool Play games can end in a tie

    o Team check-in one hour prior to first scheduled game

    o Non Sanctioned open roster event

    o Must be able to show proof of accidental liability insurance

    o Manager to have copy of birth certificates in case of challenge

    o Refund Policy. Started games will be considered played. Refunds are per: 0 played=$300, 1 played=$175, 2 played=$50, 3 or more=$0 (based on full fee)

    o Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers

    o Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers

    o Haunted trail put on by the Boy Scouts which will be on site (Candlelight Knolls) for great team bonding experience. Small donation requested.

    o Concessions will be on-site

    Register here :

    Jerry McDonough

    Cell: 330-766-0075
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    10U (Full)
    1. Valley Extreme (Paid)
    2. Tallmadge Force Gray (Paid)

    3. Ohio Ice Gray (Paid)
    4. Thunder Elite - Marlatt

    5. Phantoms (Paid)
    6. Thunder Elite 09

    12U (Full)
    1. Valley Extreme (Paid)
    2. ROC Elite (Paid)
    3. Ohio Ice Black (Paid)
    4. Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners White 07 (Paid)
    5. Lady Landsharks Silver (Paid)
    6. Lady Lookouts 07 (Paid)
    7. Thunder Elite - Rininger (Paid)
    8. Tallmadge Force 07 (Paid)

    9. Phantoms (Paid)
    10. Silver Creek Prospects 07 Quinn (Paid)

    14U (Full)
    1. Valley Extreme (Paid)
    2. Pittsburgh Spirit Gold (Paid)
    3. Racers Fastpitch 06 (Paid)
    4. Legacy 05 (Paid)
    5. Ohio Slamforce Hunter (Paid)
    6. Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners Blue 06 (Paid)
    7. Lady Lookouts 05 (Paid)
    8. Ohio Emeralds 06 (Paid)

    9. Ohio Energy - Alderman (Paid)
    10. Silver Creek Prospects 06 (Paid)
    11. Phantoms (Paid)

    16U (Full)
    1. HotSox 16U (Paid)
    2. Valley Extreme - Buck (Paid)
    3. Buckeye Charge 04 (Paid)
    4. Maddogs 16u (Paid)
    5. Silver Creek Prospects 16U (Paid)

    6. Ohio Energy Hinz 16U (Paid)
    7. Ohio Emeralds 04 (Paid)
    8. Ohio Eliminators

    18U (Full)
    1. Valley Extreme - Fife 18U (Paid)
    2. USA Patriots WWAST 18U (Paid)
    3. Legacy 18U (Paid)
    4. IVL Impact 18U (Paid)

    5. Ohio Ice Gold 18U (Paid)
    6. ROC Elite 18U (Paid)

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    The Haunted Trail put on by the Boy Scouts will be on location at Candlelight Knolls, A great team bonding event.
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    Added 18U USA Patriots WWAST
  6. ROC Elite 12u registered. Not sure if there may be confusion and listed at 10u.
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    Added Pittsburgh Spirit Gold 14u
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    Added Buckeye Charge 04
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    Added Racers Fastpitch 06
  11. ValleyExtreme

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    Added Ohio Ice Black 12U
  12. ValleyExtreme

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    Added Legacy 05
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    Added Ohio Slamforce Hunter 14U
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    Added PLR Blue 06 - Weaver
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    Added Tallmadge Force 10U
  16. ValleyExtreme

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    Added Lady Lookouts 05
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    Added Force Gray 10U
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    Added Ohio Emeralds 06
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    Added Maddogs 16U
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    We have combined the 16U and 18U divisions at this time. We will separate 16U/18U divisions if we get at 6 teams per division.

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