Venue/Facility Requirements to host??

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    So I was very excited for our girls last week when we all were given the May 26th date. But after some conversations last night and another tournament cancellation, I am started to get worried again. What is the CDC wanting venues to do that is causing some to just throw in the towel?? I am hearing larger venues in particular are seeing many issues. It seems to be much more then requiring face coverings and no concessions...
    Mike Craig, can you shed some light on this?
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    i know that there are issues with some towns furloughing parks and rec people until certain dates.
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    The issue is complex, some cities are laying off park staff etc. No clear guidance on what capacity is and it seems like every new decision from state comes at late. We tried to set ours up that their is more than enough open area for everyone and using the capacity standard like 20% like in business we should be good.
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    I'm not Mike Craig but I would like to support the statement above by Bob_Himmelein. "Complex" is probably an understatement at this point considering the rules and regulations that are facing any upcoming tourneys in 2020. I mention 2020 because these regulations could be non-issues by next year. Unfortunately, we have to think in the present.

    With the pandemic being what it is and with the Health Dept. having so much input into enforcement of mandates, all tournaments need to reconsider if there's any chance they can pull off an event and break even. The chances of making any profit is in serious jeopardy. Besides the struggles with public park issues you have the issues with having any concessions which is normally huge in terms of tournament income.

    People, tournaments are held to make money. It's always the underlying reason they are held. Whether it's to make a profit for an organization or a fundraiser for a charity, it's still about the money. Tournament Directors are in charge of trying to make this happen. Showcases and qualifiers are used as a marketing strategy to get teams to pay to play. I'm not against it. The kids benefit from it. But I am a realist of sorts and I get it. Right now, TD's are facing some huge obstacles and logistically it threatens their ability to make any money, perhaps believing they know they will lose money if they host a tourney at all.

    One of the biggies mentioned is the park dept.s not having a budget for normal operation and maintenance issues. A program like that is normally the first to have cuts made. It's why I mentioned in a different thread that organizations and/or individual teams could possibly be a part of the solution by volunteering to help park programs. Many parks (not all) have volunteer organizations that do this anyway. Any money they can make by renting out the facilities help offset the costs of providing the park for the masses. Same with parks that are actually owned and operated by village, city, or county run programs. They need the budget padded by diamond rentals for yearly upkeep. Parks and Recreation really don't get much of our tax dollars when you look at the big picture. Again, I'm not saying it's fair. I just know it to be true.

    We're all in this together is going to be more than a battle cry if you want to play ball in 2020. The government is in favor of having the parks open but organized gatherings this year are going to be frowned upon. That's the battle we are facing. Somebody will finally get it figured out. The problem is; it'll probably be at a cost..............
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    Maybe TDs need to charge more to squeak by this year. I paid for hitting and catching lessons this winter and team fees already. I would pay extra if the TDs explained what the additional money was going for. Unfortunately, many be unable afford more, but if money is the main issue, maybe give the teams the option to say no. If more teams would play in state to save money, would that be bad?
  6. I can only speak for the places that I normally run at or my directors run from. Some of the issues right now are:

    1. Some do not want to be the first to start. Uncertainty on whether the Health Dept. will be camped out at your venue or park all day ready to shut you down if people don't maintain 6 feet is enough for some people. Trust me the prospect of a $750 fine and all that goes with it has weighed heavily on my mind. Getting arrested for something like that could jeopardize my position with USSSA plus other things like a future background check for Safesport mandates could cause me not to be renewed. I know that may be overblown but why risk it? I'm sure some people feel the same way as I do.

    2. Many places have laid off or furloughed people all across the state. So getting the parks in shape will be a big issue. When I spoke to folks at Pickerington Central high school earlier this week, the complex has been locked since the shutdown started so they have not been on the fields other than custodial staff cutting grass so it is not a weed patch. By this point in the season, Central would be hosting the OHSAA sectionals and central districts around the corner and the fields would have had almost daily work on the infields if not every other day.

    3. Confusion over the OHSAA mandate from early this month. OHSAA muddied this up awhile back with the "mandate" to shut the fields down or face fines, Then came the total back off after the Lt. Guv threw them under the bus a week ago. Some schools are just going to stay with June 30, some have not discussed it like Daboss stated. Most of the school districts let out this week while others will wrap it up next week. I'm sure there are challenges getting everyone in the AD office to agree on a date or even to reopen.

    4. Cancellations in an area. I heave heard that some places where all the Rec leagues have canceled would not dare to host tournaments and bring in teams outside that area. These are people who have to live there all year and do not want the headache of having the answer to everyone as to why they are open when week night rec games are shut down. I have heard that Loudenville possibly canceled one of their long standing events for a similar reason. I also have heard that Marysville canceled the Heart-of-Ohio tournaments for the summer both for girls FP and boys BB. I have a great team-ran tournament put on as a fundraiser that is being told that they can not play at their home park this season and I would imagine it is for some of the same reasons above. Now before someone gets on here and corrects me, heard is the key word. I can not confirm those reasons and really it is none of my business. I was just making a point.

    These are just a few and we probably haven't even scratched the surface.

    Again this is not business as usual for the summer season.

    What's disappointing is we would be starting our last Friday night game slot of our Memorial Day weekend tournament right now. Instead I am at home writing on a softball message board getting ready to attach the worlds longest "honey-do" list tomorrow instead of being at the park running an event. Total bummer!
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    Mike Craig, thank you for your post.

    As you mentioned, those are only 4 topics of concerns out of many for why so many issues are forcing tournaments to cancel this year. Again, this could be a non-issue in 2021. Your simply going to need to accept it as we are forced to live in the moment. Clarity by those making the rules is helping the masses trying to interpret their meaning. It will help those that are being ordered locally to police violations and enforce the regulations that seem to change with the wind. It appears to vary from county to county within the state. That creates even more uncertainty.

    Yes, things are changing daily as we know more about the virus and we can see the favorable results of our sacrifices. Don't forget an important fact about the virus; it needs a host to exist. People are the hosts for the most part. If the virus is isolated from a host long enough it is extremely favorable that the virus will die. In a nut shell, this is the most optimum action we can take to eliminate the virus since we have no vaccine or cure. That takes time and everyone doing their part. In the mean time, scientists everywhere are trying to come up with a vaccine that will speed up the process and hopefully give us a more normal life back.

    Mike, good luck with your "honey do" list.

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