ASA Tournament ~ Waverly Summer Classic ~ July 6-7 2019

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  1. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Waverly Summer Classic
    Class B/C
    July 5, 6, 7, 2019

    Bristol Park
    Waverly Ohio 45690
    1 hour South of Columbus
    1 1/2 hr East of Eastgate

    We will be hosting 8u, 10u, 12u and 13u
    4gg (3gg for 8u)
    $375 ($250 for 8u)

    Contact Kymn for more info!


    Vinton County AllStars
    Manchester All Stars
    Piketon All Stars
    Eastern All Stars
    Waverly All Stars
    Wellston AllStars

    REC Teams only, please in 8U


    Ohio Passion Pd in Full
    Central Ohio Ice 08 PD in Full
    Ohio Sting 10u Pd in FULL
    Stingrays 09 PD in Full
    Cap City Force PD in Full
    MOJO Chics 10u- Pd in FULL
    Blue Crush 10u PD in FULL
    AfterShock 10u PD in Full

    Buckeye Elite 08 Seth PD
    StrikeZone Fillies

    12U: FULL
    Ohio Passion 07 Pd in Full
    CC Charge 07 Pd in Full
    Cincy Shock 07 Form In
    Ohio Generals 12u Pd in FULL
    Blue Crush 12u Confirmed
    Renegades 12u PD in FULL

    14U FULL
    Ohio Passion 05 Pd in Full
    Ohio Sting Crawford Pd in FULL
    Ohio Passion 04 Pd in Full
    Ohio Generals 14u PD in FULL
    Lady Storm
    Outlaws 14u
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  2. Robk740

    Robk740 Member

    Please add Central Ohio Ice 08 to the 10u division.
  3. mittsmiracles

    mittsmiracles Member

    Please add Ohio Sting 10u please
  4. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Added Ohio Sting 10U!
  5. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    For 8u, we take only REC teams. We had a fantastic turnout last year!
  6. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Payments coming in already- Thanks teams!
  7. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Still taking teams!
  8. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Welcome Stingrays and Cap City Force!
  9. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Great tournament for 11U teams!
    Contact me to get added to the list!
  10. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Welcome Blue Crush!
  11. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    14U teams, We would love 2 more!
  12. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Class C Tournament, taking ONE more 10u team!
  13. southernohioforce

    southernohioforce New Member

    Please add Southern Ohio Force 10U
  14. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    LOOKING FOR 1 MORE 14u Team!
  15. Robk740

    Robk740 Member

    So the 10u is for ā€œCā€ teams???

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