Waverly Summer Classic July 7-8 8u-14u

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  1. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Waverly Summer Classic
    Class B/C
    July 7-8, 2018

    Bristol Park
    Waverly Ohio 45690
    1 hour South of Columbus
    1 1/2 hr East of Eastgate

    We will be hosting 8u (if enough interest) 10u, 12u and 14u

    Contact Kymn for more info!


    Ohio Passion
    Pd in Full
    Buckeye Elite 08
    Grove City Racers
    Southern Ohio Force 08 Paid
    Perry County Phury
    Stingrays 08
    Pd in Full
    Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 10u

    Ohio Passion
    Pd in Full
    Buckeye Elite 06 Paid
    WV Ladyeers
    Southern Ohio Storm Felts
    Southern Ohio Force 06
    Southern Ohio Storm Lawentz Pd in Full
    Brians team

    Ohio Passion
    Pd in Full
    KC Gems Paid in full
    Muskie Chix 14U

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  2. Buckeye Elite 06 is going to enter this event.
  3. JAK00L11

    JAK00L11 New Member

    Please add MOV Pride 08 to 10U. Thanks
  4. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Welcome Storm Teams!!
    We are filling quickly at the 10u and 12u level
  5. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 New Member

    Please add Stingrays 08...thanks!
  6. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Added Stingrays- Welcome!
  7. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    13u- teams interested in a small Tournament alternative to Recruit Fest??
    This is a great option!
  8. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    July 7-8 weekend- any 13u or 14u teams interested????
  9. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Looking for a few more teams- to fill this tournament up!
  10. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Still looking for a few more 14u teams.......
  11. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    welcome Muskie Chix 14u!
  12. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Welcome Barracudas!

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