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  1. wlforce

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    West Liberty Force will once again be holding 3 summer 2020 tournaments

    Early Bird Tournament - Cancelled
    May 1st - 3rd
    4 gg - $400
    10U, 12U and 14U

    Madriver Classic
    June 5th - 7th
    4gg - $450
    14U, 16U , 18U - Will play at Lion's Club Park only
    23U - Cancelled

    Fireworks Blowout
    June 26th - 28th
    4gg - $450
    10U, 12U, 14U, 16U 18U, and 23U

    Registration Forms can be downloaded at under the tournaments and documents tab.

    Please note that the tournament director, Mitch Smith has a new address as of Jan. 1, 2020
    New Address
    9609 Twp Rd 71
    Quincy, Ohio 43343

    For info contact Mitch at or 937 - 844-8130

    Any questions you can contact Mitch @ or (937) 844-8130

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  2. Kalins1

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    Ohio Stealth 16U will be registering for the Mad River Classic.
  3. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Will be starting a team list for each tournament soon
    Still have room in all 3 tournaments
    Go to under the tournaments tab to download forms!
  4. Kalins1

    Kalins1 Member

    Hello! Did you get our registration and deposit? I sent it back in December. Thanks!
  5. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Yes I received it
    I will get team list started this week
  6. Kalins1

    Kalins1 Member

    Thanks! I sent several tournament registrations and checks out at the same time and a couple disappeared, so I'm glad this one did not.
  7. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    The Early Bird Tournament has been canceled due to the Ohio Stay at Home Order
    Teams will be contacted and refunds will be sent
    Sorry for any inconvenience
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  8. wlforce

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    2020 Madriver Classic Team List



    Schedules can be viewed at

    14U Teams
    1- Bo Jackson Blast - Jackson
    2- Springfield Heat - Hall
    3- Ohio Sting Black
    4- West Liberty Force - Cozad
    5- West Liberty Force - Vigansky
    6- Lima Havoc
    7- Miami County Blaze
    8- Trojan Thunder
    9- Strike Zone Fillies
    10- Blackhawks - VanHorn

    16U Teams
    1- Ohio Stealth
    2- Ohio Sting Black
    3- West Liberty Force
    4- Springfield Bandits
    5- Lima Havoc
    6- Ohio Attack - Rush

    18U Teams
    1- Blackhawks OG
    2- West Liberty Force
    3- Outcast 03
    4- Ohio Knockouts 01

    23U Teams - Cancelled
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  9. wlforce

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    2020 Fireworks Blowout Team List

    10U Teams - FULL
    1- West Liberty Force
    2- Troy Trojan Thunder
    3- WM Aftershock
    4- Ohio Sting
    5- Cannons
    6- Heart of Ohio Pride
    7- Miami Valley Xpress - Parrett
    8- Focus Fastpitch

    12U Teams - FULL
    1- Southwest Outlaws 07
    2- Ohio Sting Black
    3- Strike Zone Fillies Blue
    4- Cannons - Davidson
    5- Cannons - Shilt
    6- Ohio Cyclones
    7-West Liberty Force - Gregg
    8- West Liberty Force - Morgan
    9- Lima Lady Legends
    10- Lady Pioneers
    11- Ohio Fury
    12- Heart of Ohio Fire

    14U Teams - FULL
    1- Ohio Edge
    2- Cannons
    3- Strike Zone Fillies - Black
    4- West Liberty Force - Vigansky
    5- West Liberty Force - Cozad
    6- Ohio Fury - Ross
    7- Mid-State Heat
    8- Cap City Force 06
    9- Ohio Attack
    10-Lima Lady Legends
    11- WM Aftershock
    12- Strike Zone Fillies - Wendy

    16U Teams - FULL
    1- Cannons
    2- Dirt Devilz
    3- West Liberty Force
    4- Southwest Outlaws
    5- Ohio Attack - Roop
    6- Lima Lady Legends
    7- WM Aftershock
    8- Revolution Fastpitch

    18U Teams - FULL
    1- Ohio Fury
    2- Cannons
    3- West Liberty Force
    4- Blue Diamonds Fastpitch
    5- Springfield Heat
    6- Lima Lady Legends
    7- WV Tide
    8- Strike Zone Fillies

    23U Canceled
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  10. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Team List Updated
  11. capcity06

    capcity06 New Member

    Cap City Force 06 registration is in the mail for the 14u Firework Blowout.
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  12. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Team List have been updated for all 3 tournaments
    Still have room in all. Will adjust the team numbers based on entries.
  13. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Tournament team list updated!
    Still have room in all. Will adjust the team numbers based on entries.
  14. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Team list's have been updated
    Early Bird Tournament has been canceled! Due to the Ohio Stay at Home Orders
    The Madriver Classic and the Fireworks Blowout still have room and are still scheduled to play on their original weekends
  15. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Madriver Classic update
    14u, 16u and 18u will be played as scheduled on June 5th, 6th and 7th at West Liberty Lion's Club Park only
    10u and 12u unfortunately will be postponed until July 31st - Aug 2nd
  16. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Team List updated
    Madriver (June 5th=7th 14u, 16u and 18u) is Full
    Fireworks Blowout has room for 3-10u teams and 2-18u teams 12u, 14u and 16u is FULL
  17. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Team list has been updated
    Have room for 1 10u team and 2 18u teams in the Fireworks Blowout
  18. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Added WV Tide and Strike Zone Fillies to 18u for the Fireworks Blowout
    We now have room for 1 10u team
  19. wlforce

    wlforce Member

    Added Focus Fastpitch to Fireworks Blowout 10U

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