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    Team Ohio Red 04 had a GREAT fall and Played a pretty tough schedule.. Just courious how teams and orgs faired this fall.. We played some very good teams and there is some great talent in the 16u age group, very impressed!! Now don't be shy people..its ok to brag on your team or your daughters team or hell for all that matters other teams as well..Looking forward to summer already!!

    Shawn Bray
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    Congrats on your fall season! I know you were really playing GREAT when we beat you. LOL
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    Ok Dingster... Never claimed to be world beaters, just very proud of my Team Ohio Team and Org. What Team you with if you don't mind me asking... We didn't lose many so would definitely remember. Played 35 games this fall and only lost to 1 Ohio team.. You name it, By the way it was a 6-5 game. Not bad for first year 16u's
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    Shawn has an outstanding team. Great group of Athletes. Most of those girls have played together for many years and it shows. Very solid team and fun to watch. Good Luck to all next summer and have fun.
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  5. Nice job Shawn! Enjoy the 16U's!! 18U is different animal :)
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  6. Good job Shawn and squad, looking forward to seeing your squad play in Morgantown!
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  7. Dingster

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    Sorry Pioneer, just having fun. I said lol.

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